Do you like bottle service at clubs? Do you like to keep an expensive bottle of Cristal with you at all times? Do you consider yourself a baller? Do you also like to act like you're saving the environment?

Then have I got news for you!

The Toyota Prius — that byword for environmentally conscious people the world over — has a deep, dark balling secret.


Its second glovebox, which nobody really stores gloves in, is the perfect shape and size to stow your favorite bottle of champagne. That's right folks! No more stopping at an Exxon convenience mart for a discount sparkling wine. You can keep your Veuve Cliquot safe in this perfectly engineered compartment.

All Toyota needs to do for the next generation Prius is make that compartment chilled and they have the environmentally conscious champagne enthusiast market sewn up.

(A clink of the champagne flute to Patrick!)

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