The Toyota FT-1 Would Have 485 Horsepower If It Were Real

Toyota dropped a surprise bombshell on us with the stunning FT-1 Concept at Detroit this week, but what they didn't give us were any specs on the car. Luckily, we have Gran Turismo 6 to take care of that for us.


Because they said the FT-1 is just a design study and is therefore not a "real" car, Toyota didn't say how much power the car has, how much it weighs or even what kind of engine is under its hood. I even prodded the designers on what motor they imagined it could have and they stayed silent.

But since you can drive it right now in Gran Turismo 6, it has actual specs in the virtual world: a curb weight of 2,910 pounds (1,320 kilograms) and 485 horsepower, which apparently gets bumped to 518 horsepower after an oil change. These stats were uncovered by a few users over at the GT Planet forums.

Didn't you know how oil changes add 30 horsepower in real life? It's why I get that done three times a week.


I'm not sure if GT6 lists the engine type for the FT-1, but a few GT Planet users say it sounds like an inline six. Has anyone else driven the FT-1 in the game? What did you think?

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