The Toyota 4Runner Has One Thing Every Other Car Should Have

There’s this sort of idea in the automotive world that’s fucking INSANE to me. It’s the idea that one car has a great feature, and that no one else should immediately go and steal it. Obviously, that’s dumb. All the best ideas are stolen! And everyone should steal the idea of the power rear window on the Toyota 4Runner.

(Full Disclosure: We asked Toyota for a 4Runner and they said okay, and dropped it off with a full tank of gas. A longer review is coming later but this is so important that I need to talk about it right now.)


I know, I know, what’s so great about a window? But the truth of the matter is that everyone’s going nuts for SUVs and crossovers right now, virtually all of which have rear hatches (don’t even TALK to me about German big coupe-things, I don’t want to hear it, print your comment out about it and throw it in the trash), and yet they virtually all have fixed rear windows.

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At best, they may have a pop-out rear window, but it’s almost 2020. We’re in the future. Every car should have a powered rear window. It opens up so many opportunities in life – hauling particularly long pieces of wood, getting some nice airflow in warm weather, the possibilities are endless.

And yes, I know some other big Toyotas, like the Sequoia, have this feature as well. But it should be widespread.

Everyone should blatantly steal this one thing.



The better Toyota SUV feature is the split rear hatch on the Land Cruiser. It’s the thing I miss most about the one we sold.