The Torchinsky Files: Time For More Old And Obscure Brochures

You know, sometimes I don’t get a chance to shoot episodes of The Torchinsky Files until pretty late at night, after a full day of work and vainly trying to get the kid to focus on the schooling that’s blaring out of the tinny speakers on his school-issued Chromebook and all the other various actions that form the framework of a day in the year of our whatever 2020. That’s why this episode is just me, enjoying an adult beverage and looking through some old car brochures!

Thanks to the generosity of some readers who have decided that they’d rather not die under an avalanche of valueless car brochures and catalogs, all of which will eventually just be raked into a shipping container re-purposed as a combination dumpster/coffin for my desiccated corpse buried within and dumped, unceremoniously and possibly illegally into a pit or ravine.


But, before that happens, there are lots to enjoy here! I randomly pulled a stack of some good ones this time, including Fiats and Lancias and early water-cooled VWs and Saabs and even an exciting Monteverdi brochure.

It’s Friday, so I say pour yourself a drink of something potent and join me on this little non-journey into talking about some wonderful old car-related crap, why don’t you?



Jason, wait, do you have a different job besides dreaming up the stuff I like to read? Tip of the puffy cap to you for having time for that.