The Torchinsky Files: Let's Tour The Basement Of Crap!

One of the few benefits of this miserable pandemic is that, thanks to pervasive video conferencing from people’s homes, we all get to voyeuristically peek into strangers and colleagues’ homes, scrutinizing all the little details and wondering what’s in all those unmarked jars on the windowsill. It’s strangely compelling, which I think may also be at the root of the requests I’ve gotten to do a more full basement walk-through, showing the various old computers, game systems, and other crap down here. Far be it from me to deny you anything, so today let’s take a deeper look at the whole basement of crap!

I’m thinking that this is a good way for people to decide what kinds of things are interesting to them down here, and I can plan episodes around some of the old machines or whatever grabs your curiosity.


After all, I need any justification I can get to vainly attempt to rationalize this likely problematic hoarding behavior before I’m forced to actually confront it, which I’m desperately avoiding.

If you watch until the end, I promise you’ll get to see something that I’m pretty sure exists nowhere else in the world!


Also, it still smells kinda weird down here. And I’m starting to get a dull headache. Huh. Probably nothing.

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Andrew Fails

Man, every time I learn more about your past, I’m caught off guard. You have lived an infinitely more interesting life than me.