The Top Ten Concept Interiors Of The 2009 Detroit Auto Show

The 2009 Detroit Auto Show was lacking on the show's "concept" side, focusing on production cars capable of surviving the Carpocalypse. Still, there were some highlights — these were the ten best interiors.

10.) Fisker Karma S Sunset


Fisker's two-seat, droptop Karma Sunset would be a pretty nice place to spend some time, though the lack of any sweet engine note would make it a pointless back road cruiser.

9.) Kia Soul'ster

The little South Korean Geo Tracker-esque Soul'ster looks great, but get us out of the front seat and into the rear so we can have some fun in the sun....wait, no. Rip the seats out and make it a proper El Camino. Yeah, that's what we meant.

8.) Cadillac Converj


The Volt-powered Cadillac Converj had a nice wrap around interior with plenty of tech, but the reason it's not higher on our list is the lack of any real design ingenuity. They would have done better throwing the CTS interior in and calling it a day. Just sayin'.

7.) VW Bluesport


The partially unexpected little diesel roadster from VW made our list because of its focused driver experience and typical VW quality.

6.) Lincoln C


Lincoln's C Concept featured a creepy avatar based multimedia system, that quite frankly, freaked us out. A lot. It's unfortunate Ford's system wasn't a working one like Chrysler's Uconnect. Chrysler 1. Ford 0.

5.) Audi Sportback


Audi always features nicely designed interiors, but this one made us want to touch, touch, touch. The wood accents were gorgeous as were the white leather surfaces. We'd totally make out with a booth professional in there.

4.) Mercedes SLR Stirling Moss


The SLR Stirling Moss looks to be a killer place to receive a couple of bees to the face while buzzing along on the autobahn. Rhyme for the win!

3.) Chrysler 200C


Chrysler presented a very impressive touch-based multimedia system in their 200C that not only worked, it worked pretty well. Like we said - Chrysler 1, Ford 0.

2.) Volvo S60


The crystal center console of the Volvo looked like something that belongs in a Swarovski catalog and that's not a bad thing. Wrapped leather surfaces and techy controls make the S60 Concept one of the hottest cars at the show.

1.) Jalopnik's GEM-Based Mobile Command Center


GEM graciously provided us with their E2 model and it provided us with hours of endless entertainment a great platform to work live on the show floor. If you've been paying attention, you may have seen our Jalopnik mobile command GEM on The Today Show, Fox 2 Detroit, New York Times, Wired (twice) and even AutoblogGreen as a mystery electric car (duh!).

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