The Third Jalopnik Film Festival Is Going To LA, Baby

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Fast cars. Good weather. Movie stars. The third Jalopnik Film Festival is coming up and we’re going to Los Angeles, i.e. an ideal place to enjoy a roadster. We’re combining the best features of the first two festivals to create two days of automotive cinema you’re never going to want to forget.

The first JFF was a chance to exhibit a mix of great new and old movies by the most superlative professional filmmakers we could find, including the first ticketed showing of Ron Howard’s RUSH and a screening of SENNA with director Asif Kapadia. The second film festival gave amateurs and pros alike the chance to contribute their work.

This year we’re doing both, with a party on Friday, September 25th and then a full day of screenings on Saturday, September 26th that will include a reel of short films created by you.


How You Can Be A Part Of It

We’ll announce details like the films we’re showing and where it is in the next few weeks when tickets go on sale. One thing I can tell you right now is that we’re going to be having another short film contest and we’d love for you to be a part of it. Last year’s films were sensational, with over 100 entrants that we scratched our heads trying to narrow down.

As we’ve said before, there’s so much great film made about cars — whether a single camera action film of a rally stage or a full-blown 10-minute narrative clip about stealing a car, made either for a client or for passion — and we want to encourage more of it. To that end, we’re inviting you to submit your films. (Full legal details/submission info below.)

This year is slightly different in that we’re keeping it to short films ten minutes in length and under, which will give us a chance to showcase as many as we can fit in roughly 80 minutes. The films should be produced or originally screened/posted after the opening of the last short film contest, which was August 12th, 2014.


All the films will be judged yet again by a panel of worthy peers and the best selections will be screened in the festival, the creators will be invited to the festival, and one lucky filmmaker will receive the coveted JFF Audience Choice Award piston

If you have a longer film that was made within the last year that you’d like to see screened you can email me at with the subject “Film Festival Full Length Feature” and we can talk about that, too.


The nitty gritty details are below.

The Nitty Gritty Details


The rules and conditions outlined right here, which is where you’ll also submit your film. Once again: SUBMIT YOUR FILMS HERE.

The deadline to submit is August 20th, 2015. If you have trouble with the online form here’s a PDF with submission details.


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