The Tesla Model S Will Get A Facelift And Price Hike: Report

Photo: Tesla
Photo: Tesla

Tesla has now introduced two new models since the Model S hit the stage back in 2012, leaving the styling of the sedan looking slightly out of place in the electric automaker’s lineup. A new report from RoadShow suggests that the Model S is about to get a styling refresh, and maybe even a price hike.


I reported earlier on the impact the new compact Model 3 sedan may have on the Model S, speculating that Tesla may try to push the price of the $70,000 Model S further away from the new upcoming car in the lineup. The Model 3 starts at $35,000 before tax incentives, but fully optioned could come in almost $20,000 higher.

And now, a report from RoadShow cites “sources inside the company” that claim we can expect a styling tweak and a price change as early as this month. From the report:

The most immediate change, according to our sources, will be a slight visual refresh on the nose. It won’t look exactly like the Model X or Model 3, we’re told, but it will bring the car closer to the frontal treatments of those cars. LED headlights will also provide a cleaner look up front, while some additional paint colors will join the configurator.

On the inside, the Model S will move to the same front seats found in the Model X, meaning ventilation will be an option. The car will receive some new interior storage compartments, including pockets in the door — an addition current owners will appreciate.

According to sources, we can expect the new nose of the Model S, and a new price tag, to show up as early as this week, if not later this month.

Before the Model 3 launch event on April 1st there was confirmation from Tesla that there would be some changes coming to the Model S, but they didn’t specify what form those changes would take. They did encourage any prospective Model S buyers to go ahead and sign the dotted line now.

Obviously the Model S is the only vehicle in Tesla’s lineup that currently tries to mimic a traditional ICE vehicle’s need for a grille—a safe styling direction that the success of the Model X and especially the Model 3 have proven to no longer be necessary.


The Model X’s face was a surprise at first, but has grown on me. I accepted the Model 3 as a design I liked overall, but news that Tesla and CEO Elon Musk were open to requests to tweak the awkward nose shape have me excited for an even sharper design.

I’m confident the new face of the S will be the sweet spot of Tesla’s muted fascia approach and finally make it look like the car of the future it’s been acting like for four years. Not that the current car isn’t extremely good looking in its current state.


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I think it should look similar to the Saleen-tuned Model S. If they’re going to remove the “grille,” which they’re bound to do, this is a pretty good look.