The Tesla Model S P85 Is Regular Car Reviews' New Benchmark To Beat

The Tesla Model S P85 is simply the best car Regular Car Reviews has driven so far this side of a mysterious Volkswagen we all know doesn’t really exist. Too bad the Tesla is not a regular car.


Romeo and Juliet should have had sex in a Tesla Model S. Not necessarily with each other. After that, they should have also looked at their radar detector before flooring the car to learn what a really powerful A/C motor can do with direct drive. More than a bunch of horses, I’ll tell you that.

There’s a reason why Norwegians buys Teslas like hot cakes, and it’s not just that they don’t want to pay high taxes. Norway is a wealthy country, and one that’s also smarter about its future than most oil nations. The Tesla Model S is the perfect car for them.


But how about you?

Feel free to hand me that red jacket, because I will gladly play the role of Scrooge McDuck in exchange for a car that can do all this.

Also, I’m sure RCR’s mystery Volkswagen wasn’t an e-Golf.


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If I can’t drive across a couple of states using the b-roads in one day, particularly if it’s very cold or very hot, then it isn’t a car, it’s a novelty.

Maybe some day these superchargers will be as ubiquitous as the corner gas station and recharging will be as quick as refueling. But, that day isn’t this day and because of it, Tesla’s only has realworld appeal is to wealthy liberals who live in big cities and only use the car for short commutes or as a grocery getter.