Tesla Sells More Model S EVs In Norway Than Ford Sells Everything

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Back in October, we were rather surprised to find out that the demand for a used Tesla Model S in Norway was so strong, they were going for more money than new ones. Oh yeah, and it was the best-selling car there. Turns out that trend is continuing.


According to Hegnar.no, Tesla sold 1,493 Model Ss in Norway last month, a record one-month total for any car sold in Norway. That was more than twice what the second-place VW Golf sold for the month, a car that is far, far less expensive than the Tesla. The third-place Nissan Leaf, which is also able to take advantage of Norway's generosity towards EVs, sold just 425 units last month.

More interestingly, 2,056 Teslas have been sold so far in 2014, well-outpacing both the Golf and Leaf in 2014. Hegnar puts it into even more perspective: Tesla has sold more cars in Norway this year than Ford has.


So, when's that going to happen in the U.S.? Well, Ford Motor has sold almost 583,000 cars and trucks in its home country so far in 2014, so Tesla has its work cut out.

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Photo: AP