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The Tesla Model 'E' Is 'Coming,' An Electric Concorde Is Possible, And Other Things We Learned From Elon Musk

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Tesla/SpaceX CEO Elon Musk dropped in to answer reader questions (full interview here) on Jalopnik earlier today and, in the course of about 45 minutes, managed to break some actual news. We're going to bullet point it for you and let you discuss what it means in the comments.

  • Musk thinks filling up an electric car will one day be "better" than filling up a gasoline-powered car.

    The next car after the Model X will be an "affordable" car, which we knew, and will maybe be called the Tesla Model E, which we didn't know. Either that or, as the commenters pointed out, he's making an elaborate sex joke.

    A Tesla supercar was supposed to happen after the Model X, but was moved back to "4 to 5 years" from now, hopefully.

    He apparently gets compared to Howard Hughes "a lot" and it makes him "want to check my finger nail length and curtail any urges to pee in a jar." Funny.

    A parent company for all of his ventures? It's possible.

    Our favorite part? His talk of a vertical takeoff/vertical landing supersonic electric jet:

    There is this airplane design that I've had in mind for about four years. It is a VTVL, supersonic electric jet. I started thinking about this when the Concorde was retired. It just seemed so sad that the world's only supersonic passenger aircraft would never fly again and there was nothing planned to replace it :(


What's the most newsworthy tidbit? What gets you excited?

Photo Credit: QSST