Yes, texting and driving is bad. I'm not advocating for it, but can't we think of a less ridiculous slogan than "Crotches Kill?"

You can jut see the cop desperately struggling to maintain a straight face as he says those words. At least they got the point across.

Suggested By: POD


The message behind this campaign is actually pretty good, since it addresses something that not enough people know, but I think they're going to be too busy getting nightmares from this clip to learn how to drive an SUV properly.


Suggested By: Jack Bauer

6.) XXX Deaths Per Year


Reader Takuro Spirit - TRANS cAMry has encountered a pretty bad one in Wisconsin:

"The current one her in Milwaukee is displayed on all the overhead freeway signs:



First of all, I want to see traffic times so I know which way to take to get home in less than an hour.

Second, you're giving me a reason to check the sign every day to see if the tally went up at all (471 as of this morning). Also, now I want to know WHAT and WHERE and WHY caused that death because

THIRD.... are they ONLY drunk driving related deaths? Seems kinda high. Also, state wide, or just Milwaukee County? I NEED TO KNOW."


Unfortunately, it seems like Wisconsin isn't the only state to have signs like this. Depressing and distracting.

Suggested By: Takuro Spirit - TRANS cAMry, Photo Credit: Illinois Department of Transportation via WBEZ


5.) Cash For Clunkers


This nonsense was mainly an effort to get less fuel efficient cars off the road, but its proponents argued that it would get dangerous old cars off the road as well.

Here was the problem–your car had to be registered and insured before you could turn it in to the program, which means that the most unsafe cars weren't taken off the road. As if you needed any more reason to hate this ridiculous program.


Suggested By: cesariojpn, Photo Credit: Getty Images

4.) Do It On The Bus


Did no one raise an eyebrow before this Halifax MetroTransit campaign was approved? Luckily, the doofuses who came up with that were able to find work in South Dakota.

These ads were quickly pulled (no pun intended).

Suggested By: FromCanadaWithLove, Photo Credit: Change Marketing

3.) Dumb Ways To Die

Do not under any circumstances watch this video. I repeat, do not watch this video. You will have this absurd song stuck in your head for the rest of your life.


May god have mercy on your soul if you watch this terrible train safety video.

Suggested By: eloxley

2.) National 55 MPH Speed Limit


As we know, speed doesn't kill, which makes the National Maximum Speed Limit Law Of 1973 which limited the speed limit to 55 MPH seem all the more silly now.

It didn't make roads safer, it didn't lessen fuel consumption, it was unenforceable, and it increased bottlenecking. Sammy Hagar was right all along.


Suggested By: Ghoulardi, Photo Credit: Leif Skoogfors

1.) Shame On You

This one from Northern Ireland is just an absolute shit show. Just watch it.

Suggested By: For Sweeden

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