The Ten Worst States To Drive Across

We've already covered ten great states to drive across, but now with your help, we've isolated the ten cross-state trips you won't want to take.


Click "next" to take a journey through some of the worst cross-state trips in America and note we're talking about individual routes, not states as a whole. Also note how many of them involve I-80.

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State: New Mexico
Route: I-40
Suggested By:
Reason: "Remember those old video games where the scenery way off in the distance never changes? That's it. Nothing but flat, empty desert and the occasional hill or something way out there that you can never approach. The exits along the road are some very shady and very pathetic looking corrugated-steel sheds selling "native American-made" or "Mexican-made" "authentic Indian charms" and other touristy things. Add to that the desert sun and heat, and you're in a world of incredibly boring, sweaty and depressing windshield miles."

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State: Kansas
Route: I-70
Suggested By: Sbydrb8
Reason: "I-70 across Kansas is by far the worst. Flat as a board, nothing to look at but sunflowers or corn, and the road has an extremely gentle curve over most of the state. It's just enough to make you question your car's alignment for 400 miles."

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State: Ohio
Route: I-80
Suggested By: Kotobuki
Reason: "As a Michigander, I am going to most wholeheartedly agree that Ohio is certainly the worst state to drive through. Added to all the speed traps on the side of the road, and the planes/helicopters watching you from the air, when you get on and off the tollway you're timestamped. So even if there's no cops out there to catch you, they'll get you at the exit plaza when you finally get where you're going."

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State: Georgia
Route: I-16
Suggested By: GoPadge
Reason: "I think I'm fairly well traveled, I've driven through ever state east of the Mississippi and a fair portion of the SouthWest. But I still say that I-16, which only runs 167 miles between Savannah and Macon, Georgia, is the most desolate and god-forsaken stretch of road I've ever driven. The few exits that exist, only serve as a reminder that the trip is NOT finished yet, but thank you for visiting hell."

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State: Illinois
Route: I-80
Suggested By: Popsnicker
Reason: "Illinois is my personal worst state to drive though. It is the only time I was solicited for a bribe by the officer who pulled me over for ‘speeding'. When I was pulled over said I can pay a $75 cash fine now and make it all go away or he would have to issue a ticket where it would be settled in court. He had me on the gun at 68 in a 65 and wrote a ticket for 77 in a 65 when I didn't have the cash to pay upfront. Then he threatened to take me to jail for questioning him. Miserable corrupt scum sucking state…"

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State: Texas
Route: I-10
Suggested By: Sportwagons, haulin' stuff
Reason: "Hands down: Texas. It's takes half of the 3 day trip from GA to CA just to cross effing Texas. And once when I was making that drive and a summer shower passed over I tried to turn on the windshield wipers but they didn't budge...because they were melted to the windshield!"

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State: Nebraska
Route: I-80
Suggested By: NJ Hoon
Reason: "Mind numbing boredom. When I drove through it my crappy little Dodge Colt would only do 75. Down hill and there ain't no hills there."

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State: Connecticut
Route: I-84
Suggested By: PotbellyJoe
Reason: "Connecticut sucks because the roads are narrow, counter banked, and full of Connecticut drivers... Seriously, the left lane is for passing. After driving between NJ and MA for years, I have observed a new mental deficiency, it's PLLES, Perceived Left Lane Entitlement Syndrome. They camp out. and then jam their brakes to go through turns, up hills, or under overpasses. Then you have the Massholes and NYers that rip through at 100+ mph. I have driven in 40 of 50 states and of them the only one I get angry in is CT…"

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State: New Jersey
Route: Garden State Parkway
Suggested By:
Reason: "New Jersey. The last time my family drove through there, our Xterra suffered a tire blowout and we had to wait over 2 hours for an AAA van to come fix it for us (our spare tire was missing). In 90 degree July weather with garbage lining the shoulders. And there's nothing to see except factories, overpasses, and kids in a-frame t-shirts and gold chains swerving in and out of traffic in their parent's BMWs. It's ‘The Armpit of America' for a reason."

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State: West Virginia
Route: I-81
Suggested By: FlatheadSmith
Reason: "Several years ago my family was on a road trip to attend my sister's marriage in New York City, she is the black sheep of the family you see, and as we were driving north up through a beautiful part of Virginia the road suddenly went all to hell. The road went from smooth pavement to something sort of between asphalt and gravel with potholes added for fun. There were run down trailer houses, ramshackle shacks, completely rusted cars on blocks and trash everywhere one looked. We saw one house sitting on a hill, where it could be clearly seen that trash had been thrown directly out the back doors for tens of years, and the trash pit had migrated its way to the bottom of the hill. This was a white trash mecca that was as poverty stricken as any place I had ever seen; it was third world in nature. This went on for about ten miles and then a sign up ahead said you are now entering Maryland. Wham, the road was smooth, the houses and yard were nice, and we were in Suburbia again. My wife looked closely at the map and determined that we had driven a very short distance through a small corner of West Virginia."
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