The Ten Worst Insurance Commercials Ever

Insurance companies, cut the shit.

10.) 1st For Women

Tasteless and sexist. What else could you ask for in an auto insurance commercial?


Suggested By: Lumpy44

9.) Safe Auto- Animal Pelts

Is this guy supposed to be some sort of well-known celebrity?

At least they got the message across, I think.

Suggested By: KilgoreTrout53

8.) The General

Between the disgraceful acting and the lack of plot throughout the video, this commercial ends up feeling more like a erectile dysfunction ad. At least this one doesn’t have the damn penguin riding shotgun with “the general”

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit:

7.) GEICO- Piggy Goes On A Date

Thanks to some straight up bestiality themes in this GEICO commercial, attention was gotten, moms around the world complained and I’m not sure I’ve seen another Geico Piggy ad since.


Suggested By: 472CID

6.) Liberty Mutual- Better Car Replacement

Was this commercial about a wrecked car being replaced or finding a new boyfriend? I couldn’t tell.


Is this how insurance companies try to be “relatable?”

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane


What did I just watch? Where did all those singing and dancing girls come from? Who is that man? So many questions!


Suggested By: OB1

4.) GEICO- Caveman

This is the commercial that started it all for the whole Geico Caveman marketing campaign. I wish it didn’t.


Suggested By: El-Verde

3.) Progressive- Flo’s Family

Because we needed more insight into “Flo’s life”. Maybe Progressive is trying to show us that she comes from a rough family and had a difficult childhood so we should feel for the character? Or maybe they’re just wasting thirty seconds of my life each time this commercial airs.


Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko

2.) Nationwide

Hey Nationwide, are you sure the best way to go about selling your insurance to television viewers around the world is to scare us all? Yikes, I feel like my own life is falling apart just by watching that.


Suggested By: SidewaysOnDirt

1.) Eagleman

I’m not sure I want to live in a world where this is what people dream up for to advertise “new low auto insurance rates.” At least it’s different.


Suggested By: T off the New

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