The Ten Worst Examples Of Police Driving

Despite special driver training, the world's police aren't always beacons of on-the-road excellence. Here are some of their worst moments.

10.) That's not how you close a road

This is the Guardia Civil military police opening a rally stage in northern Spain. There is a difference between a rally car and a police-spec Ford Mondeo.


Suggested By: Vander

9.) LAPD turns Keystone Cops does this even happen?

Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko

8.) Parking is hard

And the cop didn't even let the other guy go.

Suggested By: My X-Type is too a real jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag

7.) Chasing a dirt bike is a bad plan

When you're in the dust of a dirt bike, I guess you can't see that there are tire-busting train tracks directly ahead of you.

Suggested By: GR1M Racer

6.) Rear-ending a motorcycle rider

I really shouldn't include this clip, because the cop was so apologetic and polite after he rear-ended a motorcycle rider in slow traffic. Suggested By: Bullitt417


5.) Motorcade endo

Again, train tracks and cops do not appear to mix.

Suggested By: Brian, the Life of

4.) $750,000 Ferrari F50 Crash


There's no video for this one, but back in 2009, off-duty FBI agents crashed a drug dealer's seized Ferrari F50 through a wall. Not only did they not pay for the wreck, they were not charged with a crime against humanity (crashing a Ferrari hypercar is outlawed by the Geneva Convention).


You can see pictures of the crash on WreckedExotics.

Suggested By: Waveridin1959

3.) Backwards on the highway on the shoulder

We still have no clue how a Pennsylvania State Trooper justified doing highway speeds, backwards, into Interstate traffic last winter.


Suggested By: VX0189

2.) Miami cop doing 120

Hey, it's okay - he was on his way to an off-duty security job.


Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane

1.) Fatal no-siren red-light-running crash

You'll have to forgive me for posting this since it's actually quite tragic. Then 22-year-old police officer Amanda Perry t-boned another car in Virginia back in 2008, killing the unbelted driver in the other car. Perry was responding to a call without her siren on (she had her emergency lights flashing). She passed by a row of stopped cars in the turn lane (making her invisible to cross traffic) and ran a red light.


Just because you're a police officer doesn't mean you can break all notions of safety and common sense on the road.

Perry was acquitted for the wreck.

Suggested By: Matt Farah

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Photo Credit: The Wonderful World of YouTube

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