Building an electric car isn't easy, and even the best have to struggle with concerns about weight, cost, and range. These ten zero-emissions disasters are the worst of all.

10.) Coda

The Coda almost made it. It had many flaws, but the biggest was that even a four-year-old could have seen how trying to sell the most mediocre Chinese design in America leads straight to bankruptcy.

Suggested By: Dwhite - Powered by Caffeine, Daft Punk, and Corgis, Photo Credit: Congressman George Miller

9.) ZENN

It was a Canadian product with a top speed of 25mph, a range of 35miles and a cost of $12,000.TheCrudMan had a close encounter:

Yes...we tried to drive one of these and barely got down the block before cracking up, turning around, and bringing it back. My dad had been considering one up until this. We felt like we were in a fucking death trap.

Suggested By: Jay_Hoff, Photo Credit: edkohler

8.) Elcar

Yes, the Elcar was pretty terrible. On the other hand, you could say you had a Zagato. Jonee explains:

The Elcar was made by Zagato (yes, THAT Zagato) in the 70's. Technologically, it was consistent with electric cars of the 70's. It could go 25mph with a 40 mile range, but it was, obviously, not a looker and that fiberglass had noticeable, gaping seams.

The suspension was notoriously fragile and would come apart if you braked too hard. The passenger cabin being filled with lead acid batteries wasn't exactly safe. Neither was only having brakes on the rear wheels. Sliding windows, no climate control, you would have been more comfortable sitting in a cardboard box propped in a shopping cart.

Suggested By: Jonee, Photo Credit: Elcar

7.) Gurgel Itaipu

It could do 30 mph — less if you switched on the quad square headlights. Then again, who cares if it worked or not? It was a Gurgel for crying out loud!

Suggested By: southwind, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

6.) Miles

The petrol powered Daihatsu Move was a resonably good car for the Japanese market. Add more weight and less power, and you get the Miles:

Two years old and most the panels that weren't terrible plastic had rust, including all the seat frames and steering rack inside the cabin. The only good thing was it had a surprising amount of interior space, albeit miserable interior space. The guy at the dealer was asking $11,000(!?!) for a rusted out fake Kei car that weighed too much, went too slow, and was too unsafe.

Suggested By: Godspeed11- I own a SAAB, Photo Credit: r_neches

5.) CitiCar

It was funky, I give you that, but if you also happened to have a Fox Mustang, this was the one to let go according to fintail.

Back around 1981-82 0r something, my aunt won one of these in a contest. I was pretty young, and barely remember it, but I remember sitting in it, and apparently going for a ride around the block in it. Her usual car was a red Fox Body Mustang with t-tops, so I don't think they kept it very long.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: {Guerrilla Futures | Jason Tester}

4.) ZAP Xebra

The details are lovely. The overall package is what's terrible:

Consider... all the disadvantages of an EV with a 20-25 mile range (40 miles with the "extended" crap lead acid batteries) with the basic cheapo Lead Acid batteries... PLUS the handling of a Reliant Robin. And there were other problems:

"According to the owner and dealer reports, some of the early 2006 models had problems with the body work, DC-to-DC converters, controllers, or chargers. They were not properly waterproofed and would degrade and malfunction when wet."

Suggested By: ZekeStone says hydrogen has no future, Photo Credit: bandita

3.) GEM

An electrified golf cart. Nothing more. But it's great for conventions.

Suggested By: JoeK,

2.) G-Wiz

You see what happens, you see what happens Larry?
This is why treehuggers die young.

Suggested By: TheEndean'sList

1.) Flybo Total Electric

You're entering a world of pain son. A product of JINAN FLYBO MOTOR CO.,LTD might look like a car, but it's actually a badly engineered, rusty deathtrap with the infotainment screen replaced by a piece of paper telling you what not to do. China at its best.

Suggested By: Ripley, Photo Credit: JINAN FLYBO MOTOR CO.,LTD

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