The Ten Worst Automotive Social Media Campaigns Ever

Let's see if anybody can beat Toyota at being terrible with the world wide web...


10.) Mustang Inspires...

A Mustang inspires us to do burnouts, not this romantic stuff I'm afraid. It's a miss to say the least.

Suggested By: fivepointohpwr

9.) Acura Thrill

So...getting into your TLX is like preparing for a possibly violent death. Nice.

Suggested By: SennaMP4

8.) Dodge Dart Registry

More like part registry. Make sure you crowd fund some gas money too!

Suggested By: twerqy

7.) Subaru's Dashcam Dog

Politicians use animals too. And babies. TheWeatherman:

I purposely try to stay away from any brand that uses animals to sell a product. Chances are, if you need an animal, your product has nothing good for you to tout about it. Animals are the easiest way to get gullible people to go, "Awwww. That was cute." Great, so now you'll go and buy it because there was an animal? That's why I can't stand half of the Super Bowl ads now. There are too many animals.

Suggested By: $kaycog

6.) Kia's Hamsters

The Soul is a family car, kids like hamsters, so that was all good until Kia turned the whole thing into a tiring hipster fest in TV spots and all over the Internet.


Suggested By: GR1M RACER : Wrong Most of the Time

5.) Honda's Hashtags

She would need more than a few hashtags. Unfortunately, no Civic can satisfy such needs.


Suggested By: lie2me

4.) Smart Being Dumb

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Here's how Smart markets itself on Twitter and Facebook. Facepalm!

Suggested By: Scot Zediker

3.) Lincoln's Fantasy Land

This is the end result of Lincoln making a Twitter-sourced Superbowl ad through Jimmy Fallon: buy a Lincoln, have sex with a German hitchhiker!


Suggested By: Raphael Orlove

2.) Toyota being boring

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All I could remember from Toyota's Muppet Superbowl ad was that the all-new Toyota Highlander is boring. The accompanying Instagram pics were a bit more, uh, intriguing. Well done!

Suggested By: philaDLJ

1.) The Camry Effect

Aside from the most annoying tv ad catchphrase of recent memory (there it is above), Toyota ran a big web campaign that had an owner talking about how their Camry put humans to sleep it was so dull.


So it looks like Toyota's been winning the internet for years now. The place where these ideas come from? Just burn it to the ground and start over.

Suggested By: For Sweden

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Top Photo Credit: Toyota


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