The Ten Weirdest Taxi Services In The World

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A Crown Victoria is far from the only way to get you from point A to point B.

10.) Maybach Taxi, Moscow

For when getting shuttled around in a black S550 simply won’t do. If you’ve got money to blow, you can hire one of these or a Gemballa (!) Cayenne to shuttle you around Moscow.

Hey, Maybachs are starting to get pretty cheap, so maybe we’ll see more of these as taxis.


Suggested By: Erzhik Tem, Photo Credit: Александр Мотин

9.) Amsterdam Airport Tesla Taxi


In America, we’re so used to seeing Fords and Nissans enlisted for taxi duty, so it’s strange for us to see luxury cars like Mercedes E-Classes as taxis like in Europe.

Even still, the fleet of Model Ss at Amsterdam Airport is pretty weird. I could see Teslas making great cabs in the future though when the cost of the cars eventually comes down, since the benefits of an electric cab would be pretty great.


Suggested By: 550F2, Photo Credit: Schiphol

8.) Anto’s Disco Taxi


This is either the greatest or most nightmarish taxi in the world, but that depends on your mood.

On the outside it’s a normal taxi you can hail in Dublin, but on the inside it’s a colorful discotheque, so like I said, either the greatest or worst thing ever.


Suggested By: Fordson, Photo Credit: Anto’s Disco Taxi

7.) Jeepney


These colorful things are the most popular way to get around in the Philippines, and it’s not uncommon to see these things completely overloaded with people.

I wish more taxis elsewhere had the balls to be this bold. New York City could certainly stand to have a few less Yellow and Black cars on the road.


Suggested By: reverberocket is nipping the apex..and gently blowing in it’s ear., Photo Credit: Lovebus

6.) Norwegian Bombardier Snowmobile Taxi


Sometimes wheels simply won’t do. This Norwegian company uses a fleet of old Bombardier snowmobiles to shuttle skiiers to remote cabins, and they’re totally badass.

Maybe Boston should get fleet of these too!

Suggested By: Hoccy, Photo Credit: JVB

5.) Yellow Air Taxi


Sadly, this service isn’t in operation anymore but you used to be able to charter these Cessnas from Fort Lauderdale or Tampa to Miami and Florida’s various surrounding island.

The yellow livery is a nice touch.

Suggested By: JimmyNoVA, Photo Credit: Yellow Air Taxi

4.) Motorcycle Taxi


For those who think riding around in the back of a Crown Vic in Manhattan wasn’t dangerous enough, there are motorcycle taxis. You can hail these all over the world, in places like India, Vietnam, Brazil, and even the UK.

I can’t imagine they’re anything less than terrifying.

Suggested By: MTL Engineer In Training, Photo Credit: AaronC

3.) Safer Taxi, St. Petersburg


If you wan’t to cruise like a badass in St. Petersburg, hire one of these ex-military amphibious vehicles.

Suddenly, arriving in a stretch Limo seems so boring.

Suggested By: Raphael Orlove, Photo Credit:

2.) Gotham Air


Fuck you Plebes! I’m chartering a Helicopter to get my ass to JFK.

This service is a real thing tailored to Manhattan’s super-rich (but not the ultra-rich because they’d already have their own helicopter, duh) and flies to JFK and Newark for $219 per passenger.


Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Nick Stango/Gizmodo

1.) Ring Taxi


Does your normal taxi have well over 500 hp and do sick drifts? Didn’t think so.

There’s a variety of services that will take you around the Nurburgring (which is a public toll road) for a fee, and they look amazing. I mean, where else are you going to find a 911 GT3RS taxi?


Suggested By: StalePhish, Photo Credit: Memorex

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