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The Ten Ugliest Police Cars In America

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Police cars should be easy to recognize and project authority. They need an interesting, cool design that makes them stand out. Here are ten departments that really missed the mark with their cruisers.

10.) Tennessee State Troopers


Apart from being very beige, Tennessee State Troopers also have to deal with the questions surrounding that break in the line at the back.


Is there such thing as baby shit-motif?

Suggested By: anotherburneracct, Photo Credit: James Williams/


9.) Toronto Metro Police

There's nothing wrong with yellow apart from it being the official taxi color in North America. The Canadians got confused, again.


Embrace it's sunshine glow. I also just learned that even though this model was called the Gran Fury in the US, it was sold here in Canada as a Caravelle. I wish I was making this up.

A Police department used a vehicle named the Plymouth Caravelle.

Suggested By: KamikazePigeon, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons


8.) Aspen Police


If you were in a rush to the slopes in Aspen, you wouldn't stop for this.


I'm not sure if I'd pull over had the police in Aspen tried to stop me, simply because I don't think I would have recognized it as a police vehicle had I not seen images of Aspen police vehicles beforehand.

Why would you want your police cars to be so anonymous that you just colour them grey, which I'll add is a colour that is not so indistinguishable from silver, the most common colour on cars in the US?


Suggested By: Vargius, Photo Credit: Oppositelock


7.) Rowan County Sheriff


Would you like a cheeseburger and a gun with that sir? Oh, you already have a firearm! Good times.

Captain Intenso:

This hideous design is better suited for Team America than patrolling the streets. Luckily they're in the process of phasing in another one.


Suggested By: Captain Intenso, Photo Credit:

6.) Ridley Township Police


Triborough finds this confusing:

I think someone wanted to be a fireman.

Fair guess.

Suggested By: Triborough, Photo Credit: rwcar4/

5.) Halton Regional Police


Neutral President goes as far as calling these Canadians lousy:

I work as a designer, and sent the Toronto Police Service a scathing email when their new "swoosh" motif first rolled out, because i thought it was really weak and a poor reflection of the job the police service does. It was designed internally and voted on by the members. Yeah. Like police know anything about design or branding.


Suggested By: Neutral President, Photo Credit: Larry Thorne/

4.) Detroit Police


Somebody was watching too much C.S.I.? Well, investigate imjack's comment:

Even worse when you remember they stole the cityscape off of an artists work and the guy sued them for it. So ugly and costs the taxpayers.


You can read the full story of the artist/graphic drama right here.


Suggested By: Remainingthird, Photo Credit: Brian Havlicek/

3.) Sao Paulo Polícia


Even the officers know their cars look like a joke.


Even the cops here are ashamed of this paint... theyu call it "palhaço' - (clown).


Now you learnt something in Portuguese!

Suggested By: DConsorti, Photo Credit: André Gustavo Stumpf

2.) West Virginia State Troopers


You will be terrified by the looks alone.


Looks like an old man's landau top.

A landau with deadly force.

Suggested By: specialfunk, Photo Credit: rwcar4/

1.) Maryland State Police


You'll be happy to jump in the back just so that you don't see it anymore.

Suggested By:Triborough, Photo Credit: rwcar4/

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