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The Ten Tracks Where NASCAR Has To Race

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There's nothing wrong with ovals, but the NASCAR season is seriously lacking in variety. These are ten tracks the Jalopnik readers would love to see on a NASCAR schedule.

10.) Circuit Of The Americas


COTA is wide enough that a NASCAR race could feasibly run here and it's in one of the greatest American cities, Austin. The fact that the track is red, white & blue-tastic is just the cherry on top.

Suggested By: Andy Sheehan, StreetsideStig, Photo Credit: Getty Images

9.) Circuit Gilles Villeneuve


Nationwide ran here until 2012, but they've really got to make a full comeback with Sprint Cup Cars and everything. Plus, Canada is seriously lacking in NASCAR races, so where better to have one than one of their best tracks?

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister, Photo Credit: Getty Images

8.) Road Atlanta

NASCAR racers on a track with dramatic elevation changes like Road Atlanta? Sounds like a recipe for fun. Reader daender thinks that the schedule should alternate between here and Atlanta Motor Speedway every year. Can't say I disagree.

Suggested By: daender, Photo Credit: Getty Images

7.) Sebring


I'll let our man Travis educate you on what makes Sebring great and thus, why NASCAR should race here.

The backstretch at Sebring is an airport runway. Like the rest of the track, it's the opposite of smooth. To your right is a concrete wall, maybe five or six feet off the pavement. At the end of the braking zone is a wall. A hard wall. If your brakes fail, you're going straight into it. It's a theme for the whole track, which beats up the driver and the brakes.


Suggested By: carcrasher88, Photo Credit: Getty Images

6.) Monaco


Ok, so in actual fact Monaco would be far too narrow for a NASCAR race. It's barley wide enough for an F1 race, let alone NASCAR. That being said, it would be epic to bring a big slice of America to one of the wealthiest parts of Europe. Plus, the sound of those V8s in the tunnel would make your spine tingle.

Suggested By: 427CID, Photo Credit: Getty Images

5.) Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps


Who wouldn't want to see a stock car thundering up Eau Rouge? People with no souls, that's who.

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga, Photo Credit: Getty Images

4.) Road America


Easily one of the best road courses in America, and yet Nationwide is the only one that gets in on the action. A Sprint Cup race here would be just perfect.

Suggested By: Dwhite - Powered by Caffeine, Daft Punk, and Corgis, Photo Credit: Getty Images


3.) Nurburgring Nordschleife


Let's take cars that are designed to only make four high-speed left turns per lap and put them on a track with 73 corners. Sounds like a good plan?

Suggested By: My X-Type is too a real Jaguar, Photo Credit: Al Bargan/Jalopnik

2.) Eldora Speedway


Yes, the trucks already run at Eldora but we need a dirt track featured more prominently on the NASCAR schedule. Just close your eyes and imagine stock cars on dirt and tell me we don't need that in our lives.

Suggested By: Brosenkranz, Photo Credit: Getty Images

1.) Mount Panorama


There must be a race at Bathurst. The world would be a better place if it saw the image of a stock car rocketing down the back straight. Plus, they already have V8 Supercars here which is basically just Australian NASCAR, right? Make it happen, NASCAR.

Suggested By: TheBaron2112, Photo Credit: Getty Images

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