The Ten Simple Tools Every Car Owner Needs

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You want to work on your car yourself? Great. Here are ten tools you're going to need to wrench in your garage, driveway, parking lot, or wherever else you fix your car.

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10.) Zip Ties


Zip ties are excellent in a pinch. They can hold body panels together and keep all your wires neat and tidy.

Suggested By: TheDailyTurismo, Photo Credit: L W

9.) WD40


Needless to say, there are lots of moving parts in a car and if one of them isn't doing its job? Break out the WD40. PB Blaster is also a great alternative.

Suggested By: IMissTheOldInternet, Photo Credit: Joshin Yamada

8.) Magnet


A magnet might not seem like a tool a parking lot mechanic would need, but when you drop that one specific screw deep into your engine bay, you'll be thankful you bought a telescoping one. Additionally, magnetic parts trays are very handy for keeping all your bits in one place, as are magnetic spark plug sockets.

Suggested By: mcseanerson, Photo Credit: Esslinger

7.) Torque Wrench


A torque wrench will help you tighten up every important nut and bolt to the manufacturers specifications. Lisa from My Cousin Vinny recommends the Craftsman model 1019 Laboratory Edition Signature Series as she's found it to be dead-on balls accurate.

Suggested By: One Quick Turbo Brick, Photo Credit: Wolfgang Lonien

6.) Money


If you're going to work on your car, you're gonna need some green. Especially if your car happens to be old, rare, Italian, British, German, French or any combination

Suggested By: CraigTV, Photo Credit: Dustin Moore

5.) Vise Grips


Reader Burt knows why vise grips are a great tool to have in your arsenal, so I'll let him explain.

"There's not much you can't do with vise grips. You can loosen bolts or screws with them, tighten bolts with them, pull nails, (and hammer them in if you don't mind abusing them) and hold things together. They make great impromptu handles too."


Suggested By: Burt, Photo Credit: Irwin

4.) Multi Tool


Perhaps not the best thing if you're working in your garage, but absolutely essential if you find yourself stuck on the side of the road in an MGA or something like that.

Suggested By: shieldsdb, Photo Credit: macrofarm

3.) Jack & Jack Stands


With a good jack and a set of jack stands you can do almost anything your local mechanic can do with their lift.

Suggested By: CobraJoe, Photo Credit: Drew Stephens

2.) 10mm Wrench


The most popular size for Japanese cars and many others. Carry this around with you wherever you and your car go.

Suggested By: McPherson, Photo Credit: Chris Perkins

1.) Tire Gauge


Every car owner needs to own a tire gauge. Even if they never plan on popping the hood a tire gauge is an absolute must have, since no one wants over or under-inflated tires.

Suggested By: $kaycog, Photo Credit: Harbor Freight Tools

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