The Ten Production Cars With The Craziest Power-To-Weight Ratios

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Horsepower only shows one side of the story when it comes to a car's speed – if you really want to know how fast a car is check out the weight-to-power ratio. Just like golf, lowest number wins.

10.) Pagani Huayra


2980 lbs

740 hp

4.14 lbs/hp

If this list is starting with a wild 740 hp Pagani you know it's going to be interesting. The Huayra is staggeringly light for a car with a V12.


Suggested By: Chinchillacious, Photo Credit: Axion23

9.) Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach Package


3616 lbs

887 hp

4.08 lbs/hp

The 918 barely edges out the Huayra, but only if equipped with the stripped out Weissach Package, otherwise the Pagani would just have it.


Suggested By: sumfoo1, Photo Credit: Ben

8.) Caterham 620R


1201.52 lbs

310 hp

3.88 lbs/hp

Performance like this in a car that was designed in 1957 is just bonkers. This unassuming little thing is keeping some seriously impressive company here.


Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks, Photo Credit: Caterham

7.) McLaren P1


3196.7 lbs

903 hp

3.54 lbs/hp

The McLaren P1 is impressively light given its complex hybrid drivetrain – lighter than a Corvette Stingray.


Suggested By: sumfoo1, Photo Credit: Axion23

6.) Bugatti Veryon Super Sport


4162 lbs

1184 hp

3.52 lbs/hp

Unfortunately for the McLaren, the Veryon Super Sport's raw power gives it the slightest edge in weight-to-power. Still though, this is the heaviest car on the list by far and away.


Suggested By: Chinchillacious, Photo Credit: Bugatti

5.) LaFerrari


3150 lbs

950 hp

3.32 lbs/hp

Both the name and the performance of LaFerrari could be described as silly, but we're talking about two different definitions of silly.


Suggested By: sumfoo1, Photo Credit: Ben

4.) Ariel Atom 500


1213 lbs

500 hp

2.43 lbs/hp

Holy crap. Talk about a quantum leap forward: the Atom 500 has nearly a pound less per hp than LaFerrari. Think about that for a minute.


Suggested By: Steve Kuhn, Photo Credit: Ariel

3.) Hennessy Venom GT


2743 lbs

1244 hp

2.205 lbs/hp

God bless America. And England too I guess, since the Venom GT is based off of a Lotus. The incredible ratio explains why it can do this.


Suggested By: Prime Davis, Photo Credit: Hennessy

2.) Koenigsegg One:1


2954.19 lbs

1340 hp

2.2046 lbs/hp

Koenigsegg's crazy One:1 just barely inches out the Venom GT. It's so close,"inches out" might be an overstatement. Crazy that cars like this exist – almost as crazy as the people who make them.


Suggested By: Raphael Orlove, Photo Credit: GF Williams/Jalopnik

1.) Caparo T1


1212.54 lbs

575 hp

2.11 lbs/hp

The Caparo T1 is more like a LeMans prototype than a road car but these things are road legal in the UK. Jeremy Clarkson said it accelerated in a way he'd "never ever experienced" which makes sense, given it's absurd weight-to-power.


Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks, Photo Credit: Caparo

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