Sometimes the insane engineering projects the military industrial complex attempt actually work. Sometimes they don't. In between, there's testing, and Jalopnik readers have the ten most unreal videos of these projects.

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The military is one of humankind's greatest sources of bizarre, imaginative, totally hopeless engineering. We've seen their strangest vehicles (hell, their strangest tanks alone was a massive festival of strange). And while I would be much happier if we could all send love beams to each other and commonly share all of our wealth and understanding, I will still remain entranced by military testing videos.

What videos did we forget? Post them in Kinja below, just know that any snuff film is getting dismissed.

Photo Credit: airboyd

10.) The Navy does a 'Sinkex,' where they see what it takes to sink a ship. This is/was the USS Cushing.

Suggested By: Justin Lancon

9.) An MRAP Cougar fails a 60-0 breaking test.

Suggested By: Snuze

8.) To test nuclear plant safety, an F4 Phantom is flown into a concrete shield.

Suggested By: FoxFoxington

7.) A British announcer gloats over Nazi V-2 rocket failures.

Suggested By: manifold engines

6.) Lockheed C-130 Hercules demonstrates the 'angel wing' flare pattern.

Suggested By: Who needs sway bars anyway

5.) The BigDog robot throws a cinderblock.

Suggested By: ChrisFu

4.) USS Missouri tests its big guns on the way to the first Shock and Awe Campaign of Desert Storm and Desert Shield.

Suggested By: owen-magnetic

3.) Here's an Army Jeep M151 MUTT rollover test. Note the arm.

Suggested By: $kaycog

2.) This is a Small Diameter Bomb in slow-mo.

Suggested By: 6cyl

1.) The unreal testing of the Atomic Cannon. Yes that's a nuclear gun.

Suggested By: CitroenBX