Where do planes go to die? Mostly to massive, sunburnt boneyards, as they're called. These ten junkyards are the biggest and most interesting out there, from Russia to Australia and back.

10.) Chernobyl graveyard, Ukraine

Not many specially equipped Mil Mi-24 helicopters were used after the Chernobyl disaster, but those few stayed right there.

Suggested By: occamsrezr, Photo Credit: Getty Images

9.) The Museum of Civil Aviation in Ulyanovsk, Russia

The Museum of Civil Aviation in Ulyanovsk is technically not a junkyard, but let's be honest, it sure looks like one. Because Russia. Still, they have all sorts of awesome planes, including a Tu-144, which is a bigger Concorde.

Suggested By: Bob Wills is King, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

8.) Alice Springs Airport, Northern Territory, Australia

The place is famous for three things:

  • It will be the first large-scale aircraft boneyard outside the United States.
  • It's also extensively used to launch stratospheric research balloons.
  • The first out of two aircraft suicide attacks in Australian history happened here.

Suggested By: Raphael Orlove, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

7.) Phoenix Goodyear Airport, Arizona, USA

This is where Malév planes went to die. A moment of silence please.

Suggested By: Máté Petrány, Photo Credit: thehungariangirl.com

6.) Khodynka Aerodrome, Russia

Those cranes meant redevelopment, so most of these planes are gone by now. Still, no better place for a picnic than an airfield near Moscow full of planes like these Sukhoi and Mikoyan-Gurevich war machines.

Suggested By: Automatch- the Avanthusiast, Photo Credit: Hawkeye UK

5.) Roswell International Air Center, New Mexico, USA

One word: Tristars.

Suggested By: Saablife, Photo Credit: Savvas Garozis

4.) Kaspiysk, Dagestan, Russia

This is a port rather than a boneyard, but it has a Lun-class ekranoplan, and that alone is worth your time.

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

3.) Pinal Air Park, Arizona, USA

It's a very colorful collection indeed, and its history ain't bad either.


I didn't know they had all the Scaled Composites planes there. But I always love seeing the rows of 747's (still the sexiest commercial plane flying) from I-10 as you drive between Phoenix and Tucson.

The history of the place is pretty impressive too. It was built in WWII, but was the CIA's main base of air operations during the Vietnam War. It was the primary facility for Intermountain Airlines, a CIA front company.

Suggested By:Gamecat235, Photo Credit: John Creasey

2.) Mojave Air & Space Port, California, USA

Looking for a place to shoot movies? How about the largest commercial aircraft boneyard in the world?

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of, Photo Credit: mojaveairport.com

1.) AMARG, Arizona, USA

If you want to know more about the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group, aka the biggest and best freakin' airplane junkyard in the universe, just ask Gamecat235 and his friends.

Suggested By: Thunder, Photo Credit: Alaskan Dude

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