The Ten Most Suggestive Automotive Terms

Why do so many automotive terms sound so dirty? Is it because we give 16-year-olds a license? Are the British to blame? Or maybe it's just because the internal combustion engine works in a very suggestive way. Whatever the cause, Jalopnik readers have dirty minds, which is reflected on today's list.


There are actually too many terms to fit onto one list, so feel free to add your own below in Kinja. You can also add the word "anal" to any car name and make a dirty joke, but we stayed away from the easy jokes in this list.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day - our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy! Photo Credit:


10.) Dipstick


What it means: The device to check your oil level.

What it sounds like: Your manhood.

Suggested By: David Moisan, Photo Credit: Bigstock


9.) Stroker Kit


What it means: An aftermarket kit that can increase stroke.

What it sounds like: What you do with your manhood.

Suggested By: Annathie, Photo Credit: Mopar


8.) Master/Slave Cylinder


What it means: The device that converts pressure from a driver's foot into hydraulic pressure.

What it sounds like: A sado-masochistic relationship.

Suggested By: cesariojpn, Photo Credit: Bitboy


7.) Good rubber

What it means: Decent tires.

What it sounds like: Condoms that can take it.

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: Only in Russia


6.) Blowing a Seal


What it means: And old joke about an unlucky penguin.

What it sounds like: Whatever you want it to.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar , Photo Credit: Getty Images

5.) Driving a Stick


What it means: Having a proper transmission.

What it sounds like: A handy...

Suggested By: afaik, Photo Credit: Karma Motorsports

4.) Rear-ending a Probe


What it means: Crashing into the back of a Ford Probe automobile.

What it sounds like: You don't understand how probes work.

Suggested By: Automatch, Photo Credit: Motor Trend


3.) Blowing a tranny


What it means: Ruining your transmission.

What it sounds like: Pleasuring a transvestite.

Suggested By: stirling.spera, Photo Credit: Brock Boland

2.) Lubing a shaft


What it means: Oiling a shaft.

What it sounds like: What you do before driving a stick...

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister, Photo Credit: peteSwede

1.) Suck, squeeze, bang, blow.


What it means: The process of combustion

.What it sounds like: About $300.

Suggested By: CobraJoe, Photo Credit: Timitrius

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