The Ten Most Ridiculous Automotive Recalls Ever

In the automotive world recalls are serious business, except when they're not.

10.) Honda Odyssey Badge On The Wrong Side


Notice how the "Odyssey" badge in this picture is on the left side? Some were sent from the factory with the badge mounted on the right side, so Honda issued a recall to rectify this egregious error.

They claimed it could hurt the minivan's resale value because buyers think it might have been improperly repaired in an accident.

Suggested By: Chris_K_F, Photo Credit: Honda

9.) Ferrari 458 Internal Trunk Release Doesn't Work


The trunk of the Ferrari 458 is very small, arguably too small to properly kidnap someone. Still though, that didn't stop NHTSA from issuing a recall for the 458's faulty internal trunk release.

"Think of the children!" they (probably) said.

Suggested By: Lumpy44, Photo Credit: Ferrari

8.) Jeep Grand Cherokee Trailer Hitch


Grand Cherokees and Libertys are at risk of catching fire if hit from behind, a bad thing no doubt. NHTSA forced a recall on Jeep, even though the Jeeps were no more dangerous than any of their contemporary competitors.

Of note is that some of the Grand Cherokees had been on the road for two decades when they were recalled.


Suggested By: Bad72AMX, Photo Credit: Jeep

7.) Lincoln MKC Start/Stop Switch


Gee, putting the engine Start/Stop button right beneath the push button transmission is a great idea! Nope, no way in hell that will ever get recalled.

Their genius fix was to move the starter button above the park button, which is somewhat better.


Suggested By: Stapleface, Photo Credit: Jason Torchinsky/Jalopnik

6.) Ford Granada Wrong Indicator Color


This is probably the most malaise thing you'll read today: Ford had to recall the 1978 Granada because the turn signals were the wrong shade of amber.

The supplier was aware of the issue, but this being the 1970s they just said "fuck it! Let's ship 'em anyway!"


Suggested By: Green Pig, Photo Credit: Ford

5.) GM Ignition Switch


GMs ignition recall is a tragic nightmare, but at least GM is solving the problem by, fixing the faulty ignition component putting a plastic tab on the keys so people don't hang lots of stuff on them.

I don't know what's crazier — that this was an official fix, or that it was enough to work.


Suggested By: JCAlan, Photo Credit: Chevrolet

4.) Chevrolet Sonic Non-Existant Brake Pads


Yes, some Chevy Sonics were delivered to customers without brake pads. Could you imagine getting that recall notice if you were a Sonic owner?

And why did it take everyone so long to notice?

Suggested By: Brian Stieh, Photo Credit: Chevrolet

3.) Passengers Can Activate Brakes


In converting their left hand drive cars to right hand drive, Peugeot, Citroën, and Renault left part of the brake assembly on the passenger side, which somehow allowed passengers to activate the brakes.

Driver's Ed schools in England then bought them in droves, I'm assuming.

Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks, Photo Credit: Peugeot

2.) Audi 5000 "Unintended Acceleration"


One of history's biggest automotive safety dramas turned out to be utter bullshit that nearly killed Audi in America. It was driver error, and some piss-poor excuses for "journalism" from 60 Minutes.

Suggested By: DavidHH, Photo Credit: Audi

1.) Koenigsegg Recalls Just One Agera


Koenigsegg had to recall all the Ageras they sold in America because of an innocuous TPMS issue. Oh wait, did I say Ageras? I meant to say Agera, because there was only one in the whole country.

They recalled one car.

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: Koenigsegg

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Top Photo Credit: Ferrari

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