The Ten Most Obscure Supercars Ever Made

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Ferrari F40? Please. These ten supercars make that piece of junk seem as common as a Toyota Corolla.

10.) Jaguar XJR15


The car for the person who thinks that, you know, the XJ220 is just way too common. Jaguar and Tom Wakinshaw racing made just 50 of these Le Mans winning XJR9 based cars, and they were, uh, a little tricky to drive.

Suggested By: stuttgartobsessed, Photo Credit: Jaguar

9.) Vector W8


Really anything made by this borderline Vaporware company could take this spot, but I'm giving it to the classic W8, which is certainly in contention for the most cocaine car ever made. Nothing says "supercar" quite like a Chevy V8 mated to a 3-speed automatic.

It doesn't get much more supercar than a Vector.

Suggested By: Buzz Killington, Photo Credit: RM Auctions via Jalopnik

8.) Zender Vision


German Tuner Hans-Albert Zender made 6 prototype Visions in the 1980s, so good luck finding one. Zender was the guy who made the bluest Mercedes interior ever, so you know his car has to be good.

Suggested By: Sn210, Photo Credit: Retro Motoring

7.) Dauer 962


Who else can say they drive a road legal Group C Porsche prototype that won Le Mans three times? One of the very few times you can truly say "race car for the street."

If you can't find a Dauer, a road car conversion from Koenig, Schuppan, or DP Motorsports will do.


Suggested By: RodRAEG, Photo Credit: Dauer

6.) Covini C6W


Inspired by the equally ridiculous Tyrell P34 F1 racer, the Covini C6W seems to have been produced in limited numbers. I tend to think 6 wheels might be a bit too many for a car, but you'll be sure to get a hell of a lot of double takes, and isn't that the point?

Suggested By: BigNSlow, Photo Credit: Andrew Basterfield

5.) Aixam Mega Track


Like a Rally Fighter except infinitely more '90s, the French made Mega Track sent 400 HP from a Mercedes V12 to all four wheels. With all that suspension travel, and truck-like ride height, it seems like it'd be a hoot.

Suggested By: TwinCharged - Hong Kong Jalop, Photo Credit: Aixam via Bold Ride

4.) Nissan R390 GT1 Road Car


You may think you're the shit with your GT-R, but your car is far from being the ultimate Nissan; that honor goes to the R390 GT1 Road Car, of which only two were made.

Any homologated GT1 road car (911 GT1, CLK-GTR, Toyota GT-One) would be suitable, but the R390 is the prettiest, and tied with the Toyota for being the rarest. You want one, badly.


Suggested By: SennaMP4, Photo Credit: Nissan

3.) Anything Made By Isdera


If you own any Isdera, you're probably one of the coolest people in the world. You could have the excellently-named Imperator, which was basically a road going Mercedes C111 prototype. Or, you could have the twin-V8 AK116i, which looks like a steampunk version of a '20s car.

Either way, you're winning.

Suggested By: FreddsterExprs, the W108 guy, Photo Credit: Thilo Parg

2.) Mosler Consulier GTP


Mosler is insanity in car form. If you want to blow some minds, show up anywhere fancy in a Consulier, or one of the even more insane variants like the Raptor. It'll work, trust me.

Suggested By: 472CID, Photo Credit: Mosler

1.) Yamaha OX99-11


From Patrick Frawley:

"Late-Eighties tandem-seat carbon-chassis hypercar powered by an F1-based 3.5 liter V12. Three were built before the Japanese economy stalled hard"


It really doesn't get more obscure, or batshit than this.

Suggested By: Patrick Frawley, Photo Credit:

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Top Photo Credit: Nissan