V8 or not, these ten cars are more American than a hamburger filled with beef jerky and marshmallows.

10.) Willys Jeep

America went to war with the Jeep, and won. EssExTee:

Three quarters of a century spent delivering freedom through any kind of terrain imaginable


Suggested By: EssExTee

9.) Duesenberg Phaeton


Duesenbergs were what America does not have anymore: world-class ultimate luxury cars.

Suggested By: Joest

8.) Pontiac GTO


Everything about that ass screams America. Or grunts it.

Suggested By: Joest

7.) 1949 Ford


Proving once and for all that two-doors can be sedans. tapzz:

A car for everyman – the first to top a million built in a year – yet with a spec in spitting distance of a Cadillac or Lincoln.

Pragmatic, conservative, proven technology that harkened back to the Model A in architecture, yet endures in today's F series.

Confident, future looking envelope-body styling that set the pattern for all cars since.

Ample, solid, democratic, and with a dash of style, it was the car that the Great Generation designed and built for itself after spreading freedom and democracy with blood, sweat, tears, ingenuity and mighty industry. A suitable monument to remember them by.


Suggested By: tapzz

6.) Buick Regal Grand National


Does that look Japanese or European to you? I didn't think so.

Suggested By: Highbury

5.) 1959 Cadillac


Welcome to the Space Race! We got fins the Soviets didn't.

Suggested By: Raphy

4.) Tesla Model S


The icon of cutting-edge American design. The batteries might come from Japan, but even that's about to change soon.

Suggested By: PatBateman

3.) Hummer H2


So, with the H1 you got a military vehicle that was turned into a civilian one, then for the H2 you scaled down the styling a bit and used a completely different platform (the Silverado/Suburban GMT800). It might just be the ultimate representation of stupidity. Let's forget about this one, shall we?

Suggested By: ReverendDexter

2.) Shelby Cobra


Just like how Americans came from Britain, the Cobra was also an AC before a Texan turned it into pure awesomeness.

That's the American way.

Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, can into

1.) Ford F-150


America's most popular vehicle is also one that wouldn't work anywhere else on the planet.

Suggested By: Stig-a-saw-us-wrecks

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