The Ten Most Embarrassing Accidents Caught On Camera

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With all of the bad drivers on the road, there are more videos of embarrassing crashes than could ever fit on one list. That said, we managed to narrow down Jalopnik readers' favorites to just ten feats of pure automotive stupidity.

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Photo Credit: Greg/Jalopnik

10.) Thanksgiving Corvettes

Suggested By: Bill Jordan


Why it's so bad: These Corvette owners understand that if another ‘Vette pulls up beside you (especially on a national holiday!), it is obviously a challenge to your honor. The only solution is a drag race, even if you have no clue how to handle so much power going to the rear wheels.

9.) Neon loses it at tollbooth

Suggested By: Xander Crews, Ashamed of BOXER


Why it's so bad: When the driver tells the story how this crash happened, it's going to sound like the car was completely at fault, and that it was completely out of control. When the video evidence finds them and their friends, the driver's incompetence is only going to be too clear.

8.) Why did you turn?

Suggested By: Irving Washington


Why it's so bad: It's not the pitifully amateur attempt to load us a car in a moving van. The most embarrassing part is that a girl would date this asshole who blames the whole mess on her.

7.) SUV rolls away at pump

Suggested By: DannyBN


Why it's so bad: Here a man pulls up to the pumps in his Ford Escape and fills up a gas can. His back turned, the Ford just rolls away and down into a ditch. The man glances back, sees that his ride is gone, and calmly returns to filling up. Only when a crowd forms does he go to check on his crunched SUV.

6.) Volvo's demo crash

Suggested By: eire335sd


Why it's so bad: Volvo is safety. In 2010, they showed off their self-braking accident avoidance system in front of the world press. The car plowed into the back of a truck. Somehow, Volvo's reputation has hardly been tarnished by the mishap.

5.) Portland snow crashes

Suggested By: Sir Halffast


Why it's so bad: We don't know how these drivers convinced themselves that they could safely drive on these icy, snow-covered streets. Winter tires? Four wheel drive? Whatever the reason, these drivers were very, very mistaken.

4.) Friends shame Mustang crash

Suggested By: rILEYcAPSlOCK


Why it's so bad: There are plenty of videos of young drivers peeling out and losing control of their cheap sports cars. This one stands out because you can hear the driver's friends already starting to shame him for what he's done before the video is even over.

3.) The fastest crash on the ‘Ring

Suggested By: DSC Off


Why it's so bad: Your Hajj is complete; you've made it to the gearhead's Mecca, the Nürburgring Nordschleife. Prepare yourself for the driving experience of your lifetime! Oh, wait, you crashed on the first corner. Nevermind.

2.) Backing up over a cop car

Suggested By: LyleLaney


Why it's so bad: This 70-year-old Camry driver was ticketed for going 58 in a 35 in a Chicago suburb back in 2008, reports the Arlington Cardinal. He gets a "have a better day" from the cop and thinks the whole episode is over, but then he selects reverse instead of drive and backs up right over the cop's cruiser.

1.) The fastest way to roll your car

Suggested By: Sir Halffast


Why it's so bad: We first saw this moment of driving brilliance back in 2007 and it remains the most unbelievably embarrassing feat of driving caught on tape. The woman in this Skoda Octavia plows straight for the gate, never slowing down, and the whole car somehow rolls. It could be the slowest rollover ever.