3.) Light Car Company Rocket

Suggested By: Mr. Woolery

Why it's awesome: Here's the car that got the whole motorcycle-engined high performance car thing off the ground. A tie up with Gordon Murray and former racing driver Chris Craft, the LCC Rocket was something of an expensive ‘50s-F1 lookalike with a 1,000cc Yamaha engine in the back. We don't know what kind of engineering know-how it took to make something like this work for the first time, or how they kept the car so damn light, but we absolutely love the thing, in all its homebuilt oversteering glory.


2.) Palatov Motorsport D1

Suggested By: X-cchannel-M

Why it's awesome: Dennis Palatov has been working up his own super don't-call-it-a go kart for the better part of a decade now, and we're still totally amazed by the Fiat Bisiluro-on-crack cars we've seen bearing his name. The Hayabusa-powered D4 has been tearing shit up in Oregon and California for a few years now, but it's the sweet-Jesus-protect-me-now D1, with its 430hp motorcycle-derived V8 that has us drooling. It's an all-wheel drive 1000hp/ton trackday monster, and we can't get enough of it. Here it is taking its first track test just a few days ago in a sunny, beautiful Northwest kart track.


Photo Credit: Palatov Motorsport


1.) Ariel Atom V8

Suggested By: rev_junkie

Why it's awesome: Of all the British track cars that have sprung up in the past few years, the Atom holds the high honor of the car most likely to make you shit your pants. Crazy speed and no body panels whatsoever make even the most basic Ariel a mind blowing car, so when you throw in a Hartley V8, a fantastic re-engineering of two Hayabusa engines, it's "Cry ‘Havoc!' and let slip the dogs of war" time. If you want a car to be more exciting, we suggest you try driving while on fire, or perhaps off a cliff.


Photo Credit: davidgsteadman