The Ten Most Amazingly Unrealistic Driving Scenes Ever On Film Or TV

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Some films find attention to detail and realism to be paramount as part of the movie going experience. Then others have IndyCars in city streets and squealing tires on dirt roads like it's totally normal. These are the 10 worst, most unrealistic, and hilarious driving scenes ever on film or TV.

10.) Speed Racer

That sure is one hell of a drift. Sure, Speed is a great driver and the Mach 5 is a car that the limits of our world has never seen, but I'm sure physics still apply somewhere in his universe. I mean, come on.


Suggested By: Joneez

9.) Strange Brew

Other movies steer around the fact that the driving in their movie is obviously fake. Strange Brew jumps right in and lets us know that the film is totally self aware. You have to appreciate that.


Suggested By: Senior Verde

8.) The Fast And The Furious

Films like The Fast And The Furious had one issue known as time. This film was released in 1955, so the ability to film a car wasn't as advanced as it is now.


Still, that doesn't mean that just randomly steering gives the illusion of actual driving, especially in a straight line.

:Suggested By: MrTheEngineer

7.) Nissan Frontier Ad

As Nissan notes, pickup trucks are not snowboards. But this one does a damn good fake job.


Suggested By: RazoE

6.) Knight Rider

I would never criticize Michael Knight or KITT, but come on. Turbo Boost is a great feature, but if it were real all cars everywhere would be jumping always.


Suggested By: _M├ęcanicien

5.) Dr. No

The thing about Sunbeam Tigers is that they have such immense grip that they squeal their tires on all road surfaces, even gravel. Also, hearses immediately explode into a terrifying fireball when they drive off a cliff.


It's science.

Suggested By:OneQuickTurboBrick

4.) Basically anything from Bollywood

Uh. Wow.

Suggested By: ForSweden

3.) Gone In 60 Seconds

Nic Cage is the greatest actor of our generation* and can make anything believable. But this jump at the end, well, even Nic Cage has trouble pulling that one off. It sure doesn't look like a real thing that could ever happen ever.


*Nic Cage is not the greatest actor of our generation. This was sarcasm.

Suggested By: Lotus289

2.) Driven

Wait, you're telling me Sly Stallone made a Champ Car film that wasn't close to realistic? You mean it didn't have the attention to detail of a Scorsese film? Really? That's impossible. Stallone is known for his authenticity. Poppy cock I say. Poppy cock.


Suggested By: AutoJim

1.) Toonces The Driving Cat

In all fairness to Toonces, he does usually end up crashing the car off a cliff at the end. That's how cats normally drive, so this is fairly believable.


Suggested By: ArchdukeMaxyenko

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