Sometimes you just have to appreciate the little things.

10.) Sun Visors

Sun blinding you as you’re coming down the road? Chances are, that fancy piece of cloth-wrapped cardboard hanging above your head can put an end to that. Be thankful.

Suggested By: Mike Dallin, Photo Credit: CZmarlin via Wikipedia

9.) Cupholders


Yes, there are cars without cupholders. No, holding that ice-cold Big Gulp between your legs is not a viable solution.

Suggested By: chuckjaeger, Photo Credit: Ballista via Wikipedia

8. ) A Smooth Ride


We enthusiasts often look to coilover suspension setups and delrin or polyurethane bushings to stiffen up our rides and make them more suitable for on-track or spirited driving, but how often are we actually doing that kind of driving? Isn’t it nice to get into an SUV or a luxury sedan, set the suspension to “Comfort” and take the long way home?

Sometimes, I guess...

Suggested By: Mike Dallin, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

7.) Hood Struts/Props


Ever been under your hood changing spark plugs or filling oil without worrying about your hood falling down upon you? Unless you removed your hood, it’s probably because you have some sort of hood prop holding your hood up.

Suggested By: Alan, Photo Credit: Moto Miwa via Flickr

6.) Steering-Wheel Mounted Horn


No longer do we have to reach around to the end of the turning stalk or to an out of reach button mounted somewhere on the dashboard. On most road cars today, the horn button is right in between your hands, ready to be used whenever.

Suggested By: Andy Sheehan, Photo Credit: Aaron Brown/Jalopnik

5.) Three-Blink Blinkers

With three-blink blinkers being implemented for use in new cars around the world, we eliminate the frustration provided by BMW drivers assholes that hit the turn-signal stalk once and switch lanes. Now, even if they lightly press the blinker stalk once, the blinkers flash three times, which is just enough to give other motorists a heads up of their next lane-change on the road.


Suggested By: Jonee

4.) Physical Dipsticks


What a pain it is to check fluids on a dipstick-less cars. Some have certain requirements as to how many RPMs you have to hold the car at, or how long the car has been driven for, and some are just inaccurate. Why can’t we keep things the old fashioned way?

Suggested By: BRyan31122, Photo Credit: schwartz.mark via Flickr

3.) Fuel Gauge


Ever experience driving with a non-working fuel gauge, and having to guess when your car might sputter out and die? No? Well aren’t you lucky.

Suggested By: Captain Pedantic, AWAY!, Photo Credit: Jason Llagan via Flickr

2.) Headrests


It’s a great world we live in where our necks aren’t snapped on the regular in car accidents. For that, you can thank your headrests.

Suggested By: AntiLag, Photo Credit: United Soybean Board via Flickr

1.) Extended Final Gear


Owners of older cars that only had four or five-speed transmissions might appreciate a nice sixth gear to drop their car into. When you’re cruising at highway speed, you hear your exhaust droning, you know your car is excessively burning fuel, and then you look down and notice 4000+ RPMs on your tachometer, that’s when you’ll be wishing you had that sixth gear.

New car owners just don’t get it.

Suggested By: BookMDano, Photo Credit: Aaron Brown/Jalopnik

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Top Photo Credit: Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr