The Ten Greatest Under 30-Second Car Videos

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Car videos tend to follow fairly repetitive formulae. Since your time is important, Jalopnik readers put together a highlight reel that sums up just about every internet car video in 30 seconds or less.


Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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Photo Credit: YouTube

10.) Every drift video ever

Suggested By: Rytis B


Why it's classic: This is the super combo breaker move of drifting, the backwards entry drift. The grainy view from the stands and the commentary just makes it.

9.) Every scaring people with an engine video ever

Suggested By: senn


Why it's classic: Super posh city center + loud car (a tuner Toyota Supra) + unsuspecting pedestrians = every video like this ever made.

8.) Every dyno video ever

Suggested By: ME-4 12


Why it's classic: While a lot of these videos try and show off all that power with shooting flames, but clearly the way to make a classic dyno vid is to have a car trying to leap off the rollers, like this Skyline.

7.) Every precision parking video ever

Suggested By: Ryan Wood


Why it's classic: Taken from Jackie Chan's absolutely awesome movie Who Am I?, this was still a real stunt with an old Mitsubishi Evo. The slide, the cops, perfection.

6.) Every Autobahn video ever

Suggested By: Rytis B


Why it's classic: This is supposedly a RUF R Turbo, a super tuned Porsche, ripping past a camera car at 205 miles an hour (330kph). The claim is a little dubious, but the car disappearing into the night is just elemental.

5.) Every rallying video ever

Suggested By: badvibe


Why it's classic: Here's WRC legend Gigi Galli sliding his Mitsubishi Evo in the most classic instance of cornering in rallying's classic era.

4.) Every burnout video ever

Suggested By: MandoHAM


Why it's classic: Plenty of other burnout videos come close, but nothing matches the visible anger of this Skyline, tearing at the rubber on all four wheels. The nighttime street racing vibe makes it even more forceful.

3.) Every tunnel video ever

Suggested By: ScoobSTi


Why it's classic: The expensive car with the high-strung engine meets tunnel formula is a staple of internet car videos, and this Gallardo does a good job of distilling them all.

2.) Every exhaust sound video ever

Suggested By: F40LM


Why it's classic: A massive Lamborghini V12 resting in a Countach, howling away ispretty much the only exhaust noise video you'll ever have to watch. Everything else pales in comparison.

1.) Every car jump video ever

Suggested By: amcnair


Why it's classic: The video camera footage and the beater car pretty much nail the setting for every great car jump video ever made, and the graceful soaring of the LeSabre makes this pretty much the best car clip of all time.