The Ten Greatest Racing Passes Caught On Video

Passing is the most exciting part of any racing, and these passes are the best ever recorded.

10.) Piquet Gets Senna, Gets Sideways

Ayrton Senna is the master, but Nelson Piquet isn't exactly what you'd call a slouch either. At the 1986 Hungarian GP, Piquet goes wide to get around Senna and just barely manages to overtake him while getting sideways into the corner.


Legend has it that Piquet flipped Senna the bird mid pass.

This was at the height of the Turbo F1 era, and Piquet and Senna were fierce rivals. Piquet would go on to win the race.

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9.) Parnelli Jones: Balls Of Steel

Jones, like a boss, passes three cars on the grass, in a Boss. Could you imagine seeing that yellow Mustang sliding all over the place in your rearview mirror?


Suggested By: SVTyler

8.) J. Villeneuve Gets Schumacher For The Championship

Both of these guys were fighting for the world championship at the last race of the 1997 season, the European Grand Prix at Jerez. Villeneuve had to pass Schumacher to win, so Schumacher attempts to make Villeneuve have an off.


It backfires, Schumacher retires, and Villeneuve limps his car home for a third place finish and the 1997 championship.

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7.) McLaughlin vs. Whincup Epic V8 Supercars Battle

Some of the best racing in the world happens in V8 Supercars, and this incredible last lap battle between Jamie Whincup and Scott McLaughlin is especially great.


BRB, moving to Australia.

Suggested By: zacarious

6.) An Audacious Move By Fernando Alonso

Conventional wisdom would tell you not to try to pass one of the greatest racing drivers of all time, around the outside of the infamous 130R at Suzuka. Fernando Alonso clearly had not heard that bit of wisdom, and yet he pulls of this insane pass like it's nothing.


Suggested By: EarlZ

5.) Epic Indy Lights Finish At IMS

This is one of the greatest racing finishes I've ever seen, and the result will not be what you expect at all. I've watched this ten times and I still can't understand how that happened.



Suggested By: Vin

4.) Passing On The Inside Of The Corkscrew On A Bike

MotoGP at Laguna Seca is already insane, but this battle between Valentino Rossi and Casey Stoner is unreal. You will clench every part of your body from about 1:00-1:10.


Suggested By: HAL 9000

3.) Ricky Craven & Kurt Busch Drag Race To The Finish

This is a photo finish to define all other photo finishes. If you didn't know better, you'd think this battle between Craven and Busch would have been scripted for a Ricky Bobby movie.


"Have you ever?" "No, I've never!" just about sums this up.

Suggested By: Eric Sean Delaney

2.) Häkkinen Gets Schumacher In Double Pass At Spa

We called it the greatest overtake in Formula 1 history, and that title still stands. Brilliant split-second decision making from Häkkinen. I'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the ground.


The ever humble Finn being interviewed after the race is well worth your viewing as well. " was a different one."

Suggested By: FreddsterExprs, the W108 guy

1.) The Pass From Above

This is a once in a lifetime pass, and thank god it was captured on video. It's baffling, and beautiful all at the same time.


The term unbelievable is thrown around a lot, to the point where it's lost all meaning, but this truly defies belief.

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Top Photo Credit: F1890 via YouTube

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WRONG. Not having Zanardis Laguna Seca masterpiece not even on the list just is WRONG.

1996 CART Laguna Seca - "The Pass":

It's called "the pass" for a reason!