The Ten Greatest Junkyards In The World

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There’s something hauntingly beautiful about the graveyards where cars, planes, trains, bikes, and boats go to rest.

10.) Châtillon, Belgium


The story of American soldiers leaving their cars to rot here after WWII isn’t true, but this graveyard is still one of the most beautiful in the world.

Suggested By: OperationCrossroads, Photo Credit: Matthias Weinberger

9.) M&M Auto Salvage


Need undamaged parts for your brand new car? Go here, they get all the cars that are used in IIHS saftey testing. Sure, some of the car is pretty badly dinged up, but certainly not all of it.

They even have most of a brand new Maserati Ghibli!

Suggested By: Big Block I-4, Photo Credit: M&M Auto Salvage

8.) Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet


It’s a shadow of its Cold War glory, but the Mothball Fleet as it’s known is still incredible enough for inclusion here. Navy ships were stored here beginning after WWII, waiting for action if they we’re needed.

At it’s height 400 ships were stored here, but by 2017 they’ll all be gone.

Suggested By: DennisReynoldsGoldenGod, Photo Credit: freeside510

7.) R31 House


Your dystopic JDM/Gran Turismo fantasies come to life here. As the name suggests, it’s a scrapyard for R31 Nissan Skylines. You’ll find a couple of R32s and R33s as well, and maybe a super rare Tommy Karia too.

Suggested By: Jonee, Photo Credit:

6.) Cleveland Pick A Part


Need a rolling C5 Corvette chassis? This is your junkyard.

LS swaps for everyone!

Suggested By: TooManyCarsMike, Photo Credit: Cleveland Power And Performance

5.) Desert Valley Auto Parts


The dry Arizona desert is the perfect place for a car junkyard because cars don’t rust away into oblivion like they seem to everywhere else. It’s the closest thing to a junkyard in a vacuum.

This junkyard is featured on a Discovery Channel reality show, and is heaven for 40s, 50s and 60s American iron.


Suggested By: The-REAL-57sweptside, Photo Credit: 57sweptside

4.) Arthur Kill Ship Graveyard


Some say New York City has everything, and considering there’s an actual ship graveyard on Staten Island, that might be true.

Suggested By: travelnman, Photo Credit: B.

3.) Old Car City


This junkyard is so beautiful, they actually charge you an additional $10 to come in and take pictures there.

Looking at pictures of it, it’s probably worth the cost.

Suggested By: Denntech76, Photo Credit: Mike Boening Photography

2.) Chernobyl Vehicle Graveyard


There really isn’t anywhere more haunting in the world than Chernobyl. Tons of Russian military vehicles used in the cleanup effort had to be left to rot because of the incredibly high levels of radiation.

Suggested By: JayHova, Photo Credit: Getty Images via Jalopnik

1.) Davis-Monthan Air Force Base


The legendary Boneyard. A junkyard on a scale unlike anything else in the world.

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: U.S. Navy

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Top Photo Credit: Getty Images (Chernobyl pictured 20 years after disaster)

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