Do you think you can sell a car just by offering a good price? THINK AGAIN, SONNY BOY.

10.) Buy Our Car Because Free Guns

Yep, free guns with cars. It's more common than every bi-coastal car buyer reading this thinks.

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9.) Buy Our Car Because Free Car

A few years back, a number of dealers offered a free Kia Rio with the purchase of a Kia Minivan. Back in the late '50s, reader Lamborweenie says a Cadillac dealer would stick an entire Isetta in the trunk and give it away with the full-sizer.


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8.) Buy Our Car Because We Paid This Washed-Up Celeb

There are tons of these and they're all terrible, but none are better/worse than Gary Busey.


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7.) Buy Our Car Because Obama

Why is it always a Kia dealer?

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6.) Buy Our Car Because They're On Sale (They're Not On Sale)


Reader kasheed has actually works in the dealership world, and explained just what's going on with those stupid S-A-L-E posters propping up the hoods of your local used car emporium.

Here's a challenge for you: walk into any car dealership in America and ask the first salesperson you speak to "hey are you guys having a sale today?" If the answer is anything other than "of course!" or "we're always having a big sale here!" then congratulations, you just met the dumbest car salesperson in America.

This is the one that I have to do. I trudge out to the front line every Saturday at 8:30 with 4 car keys (usually picking out something with a decently heavy hood, and Xenu forbid we have a freaking SMART car on the lot), hoping whatever I selected doesn't have some sort of oddly positioned/leaky piston prop rod. I wedge the signs in, hoping for the thousandth time that I haven't managed to misspell "SALE" or that the wind won't pick up today. Ever seen a grown man chase a large S down the road? It's not pretty.

Inevitably, the first person on the lot will want to test drive the car with the S in the hood (which is immediately discarded in the grass) so we'll spend the rest of the day inviting people in for a beer with their test drive.


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5.) Buy Our Car Because We Smashed It Up Already

One Chevy dealer in the '70s got a head start on its customers' fender benders, and became a bit of a local hero for it, as reader solracer explains.

Dick Balch owned a Chevrolet dealership in Federal Way, Washington in the 1970's. He was famous for his 10-second commercials where he'd make some witty comment and then smash a new car's windshield or fender while laughing like a maniac. It worked, sales soared and people would even buy the cars with the dent because it was cool.


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4.) Buy Our Cars Because Bananas


This gimmick from the '60s backfired on the dealer, as sm70 explains.

A Connecticut Pontiac dealer put out an ad marketing a new car for 1,395 bananas as a joke. A woman took them up on that offer, brought in said number of bananas for a 1962 Tempest, and they sold her the car for it. A weirder trade I cannot think of.


Suggested By: sm70, Photo Credit: OldCarBrochures

3.) Buy Our Car Or The Terrorists Win


Back in 2006, one Mitsubishi dealer decided to run a "Fatwa Friday" sale, and declared a "jihad on high prices." This contemporary news report explains how it all went down.

The salesforce "will be wearing burqas all weekend long." One of the featured vehicles "can comfortably seat up to 12 jihadists in the back," he says.

"Our prices are lower than the evildoers' every day. Just ask the pope!" the ad continues. "Friday is fatwa Friday, with free rubber swords for the kiddies."


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2.) Buy Our Car Because I'm Upside Down On A Plane

All car dealer ads are ridiculous, but none are more ridiculous than SoCal's legendary Cal Worthington. Rest in peace, Cal. Rest in peace, rest in peace, rest in peace.


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1.) Buy Our Car Because Wacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man


Every blow-up mascot is as unashamedly pointless as the next, from fat dudes in tightie whities to gorillas to wacky waving inflatable arm-flailing tube men.

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