The Ten Friendliest Groups Of Car Owners

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Not every car community is filled with douchebags. These ten groups of people are as good as auto owners come.

10.) BMW-Besitzer


Since many BMW owners out there are asshats, the ones who really appreciate the brand and the heritage act extra nice to make up for them. e30s2k says you will be pleasantly surprised:

Go to a BMWCCA meet with lots of classics and new cars both, where the owners truly love their cars, love driving them, and know everything about them, - everyone is absolutely wonderful.

I've recruited several non-BMW owners to our local chapter's Auto-X events and everyone is surprised by how low key and nice the BMW owners are - zero attitude towards non-owners and always willing to let you ride along and learn about the cars.


Suggested By: e30s2k, Photo Credit: jeffwilcox

9.) Tesla Nuts


While we can't tell whether Mailbox Cancer is being sarcastic or not (damn Internet!), I believe Tesla owners are open minded and smart enough to know that sharing is caring:

Not only are they largely incredibly nice people, but they're overwhelmingly evangelical about their vehicle of choice.

Especially the case with Roadster owners, since they'e the bonafide "early adopters" of the entire brand and 100% electric power train. And they're so enthused about their vehicle, that they are more than willing to open their garage and pull their car to pieces to show just a passerby every little interesting detail about the vehicle, let alone toss you the keys and say "go ahead!".

They are eager (to a fault) to take the most exciting slice of their life/hobby and share it with other people with nothing expected in return. They're awesome.


Suggested By: Mailbox Cancer, Photo Credit: monobot

8.) Miata Life


The answer is always Miata, but ncasolowork2 is right even without knowing that. There's a strong Mazda community and the MX5 might be their friendliest group of:

So many of them auto-cross their cars and work on their own cars that the owners are more than happy to help out a fellow Miata owner answer questions.


Suggested By: ncasolowork2, Photo Credit: gordontarpley

7.) Jeep People


Have you seen their wave? MrTheEngineer has:

Its a very specific wave, and it is only taught to Jeep owners, it's like a secret handshake. When you buy a Jeep, you are taught it, if you sell your Jeep and have no more Jeeps, your mind is erased of the secret wave MIB style.

In all seriousness, just a wave, but its a wave that has been happening for generations since the Jeep first became publicly available, so it may be the oldest running vehicle wave (maybe only second to motorcyclists), and while it may be copied (Mini, Miata, S2000, etc), it will always be the original, which makes it the best wave (sorry Mini, Miata, S2000, etc. owners).


Suggested By: MrTheEngineer, Photo Credit: Aidan M. Grey

6.) AMC Keepers Of The Flame


While Ford/GM/Mopar people are having a fight, you can always find shelter at the AMC crew. justregisteralready met the right people:

I've found AMC guys to be the nicest. There is too much rivalry between the Chevy-Ford-Mopar guys and they can spend more time bashing each other's cars than actually talking about their own cars. I haven't met any AMC guys that do that.


That being said, Jonee hasn't.


Suggested By: justregisteralready, Photo Credit: DVS1mn

5.) DeLorean Fans


You're no allowed to be an asshole if you drive a movie car that can do time travel. DennyCrane:

They generally drive them frequently, take them to car shows regularly for the throngs of people who pass the Ferraris and Lamborghinis to see "the Back to the Future car".

They never tire of showing the cars off, happy to provide details, to explain for the millionth time that no, John DeLorean was never convicted of drug trafficking, it was entrapment, often they'll let people touch or sit in the cars (And if they don't, it's usually because of the sheer number of people rather than not wanting the car touched or sat in).

And all this for a car you could buy in great condition for less than the price of a new base model BMW 3 Series.


Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: Mihnea Stanciu

4.) Saab Slaabs


Sweden is cold, so Saab owners play it cool. PumpedSump agrees:

Most of the Saab guys I know (I'm one of them) will readily admit that Saabs aren't the best vehicle out their, and many of them rank well behind their contemporary competitors. But they just want you to give it a chance to see if a Saab is right for you. They realize everyone has their own tastes, and a lot of the time, Saab ends up on the wrong side of it.

That being said, they are the nicest group of guys I've ever met. You just bought a V4 96? Well, hell! Come on over and have a look through all my spare parts. Whatever you want is just $10/part. You've lost two needle bearings from the drive-shaft end-caps? Here are 4 places that might have some spares and if they don't, they'll know a guy. You're going to be doing some exhaust work this weekend? Well, here's a guy's number that lives just 20 minutes away and has a lift and whatever tools you'll ever need. He'll help you out, and probably give you some old Saab stuff he got from a Saab Owners Convention back in '01... and '02, '03, '04, but not '05 because he was having overheating issues and didn't want to risk the 20 hour drive, and '06-'13.

It's also telling that the worse complaint I've heard about Saab drivers is that they are 'weird'.


Suggested By: PumpedSump, Photo Credit: Rémi (SAABLOG-IN)

3.) Volkswagen Beetle Airheads


Air-cooled people are known to be super friendly and inviting. They don't overheat either! Coalman:

Especially the Bus people! At my local shows they're always setting up camp having a picnic and a good time. One time was checking out a Westfalia and was so used to all the other show cars that have signs saying "DO NOT TOUCH" and rope bars so I kept my distance. The owner floored me by asking if I wanted to go in and check it out further! Didn't take him up on the offer but really left an impression on how laid back and awesome those guys are.


Suggested By: PettyFan43, Photo Credit: Ullisan

2.) Alfa Romeo Alfisti


Or I could say Italian car owners in general.

They are not offended by your jokes about rust or bad electrics, they are aware that their car is prettier and sounds better than yours, but won't brag about it. Dolce vita and Alfa amore for everybody.


Suggested By: Monsterajr, Photo Credit: serzhile

1.) MG Enthusiasts


Do you know an asshole with an MG? No, you don't. TokyoBayAquaLine:

They're polite, courteous, quirky, talkative, informative, usually well dressed, well spoken, articulate, and careful listeners.

Also, they laugh at every MG electric and reliability joke, because they buy it expecting it to break down... It's as if they seemingly get a kick out of trying to keep their cars running in the first place.



Agreed. When I got my 1971 MGB-GT, I felt like I was joining a family...because I was. The community is wonderful, everyone is pretty knowledgeable, and it's just difficult to be angry inside of an MGB (the other cars are good too). I lost my car, but I know I'm in the family forever. Also, British car jokes are always wonderful. I'm now part of the Subaru community, and those guys are awesome too.


Suggested By: TokyoBayAquaLine, Photo Credit: 71MGBGT

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