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Nascar isn't the only series where drivers forget to turn right for a while. These ten tracks show just how crazy the rest of the world is about going around in circles.


10.) Autodromo de Sitges-Terramar, Spain

Top speed: 105 mph

Built in 1922 near Barcelona, the oval is best summed up by toyotasupraman:

Pre-war racing track, which means two things:

1) Not exactly oval, more kind of a bean shape.

2) Steep with a capital S.

60 degrees, to be precise. It's in pretty decent shape considering that the last time it held a race, Eisenhower was the President.


Suggested By: toyotasupraman

9.) Idiada proving ground, Spain

Top speed: N/A. Neutral steer speed: 124 mph

Idiada is where most new cars go to show what they're made of. It's a massive complex with 13 different tracks, one of which is a banked oval for high speed testing.


Suggested By: Zuzax


8.) Brooklands

Top speed: 143 mph

Only the steepest part of the famous bend remains today. The world's first purpose-built motorsport venue's opened in 1907, as well as one of Britain's first airfields, which also became Britain's largest aircraft manufacturing centre by 1918. The circuit hosted its last race in 1939, but guess what, the Concorde was made here!


They also have one on site.

Suggested By: Nobody


7.) Contidrom, Germany

Top speed: 165 mph

Continental (the one that makes tires) runs this place, with a maximum banking angle of no less than 58 degrees.


Suggested By: cBJr


6.) Autodromo Nationale Monza, Italy

Top speed: 173 mph

Monza is still one of the fastest tracks in the world, but the oval track is rotting away slowly since it was deemed unsafe in the sixties. They only use it for rallying once a year.


Before that, the Race of Two Worlds was held here, in which Indy drivers competed against the GP cars of Europe. Since most Europeans found that idea way too crazy, the Americans took the trophy both in 1957 and '58.

The top trap speed was 195 miles per hour, and that was in 1957.

Suggested By: Kate's Dirty Sister


5.) Lausitzring, Germany

Top speed: 206 mph

Forget VW's Ehra-Lessien test track! Nobody is allowed in there. It's just like during the cold war. Volkswagen prefers Nardo anyway.


EuroSpeedway Lausitz on the other hand is visible on the map, and it's full of fast moving objects.

Suggested By: Axel-Ripper


4.) Rockingham Motor Speedway, England

Top speed: 215 mph

Brooklands is gone, and while this isn't the same by any stretch, it's faster.

Suggested By: StewMM


3.) Twin Ring Motegi, Japan

Top speed: 219 mph


Built by Honda in 1997 in order to get Indy to Japan, it's just as fast as it looks. Also, it's time for some Best Motoring Super Fun Film Time!

Suggested By: Incognigro


2.) AVUS, Germany

Top speed: 240 mph

Just like the Nürburgring, the Automobil-Verkehrs- und Übungsstraße is part of the public road system. And just like in Monza, the banked section was deemed unsafe for motorsport purposes and got dismantled in 1967 to give way to an expanded intersection under the Funkturm tower.


240 mph before the war.


Suggested By: manifold engines, wanting for time

1.) Nardo Ring

Top speed: 241 mph

It's the fastest, but it's also almost forty years old and bumpy as hell. Just for advanced level users.


Suggested By: Darkcode


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