The Ten Dirtiest-Sounding Car Names

"Yukon DP a Volvo, both 'Cuda and Aspen, but stick to Tatas or Tahoe will give you STI that Rex your Peterbilt." - These are the words of our very own Ash78, proving that pretty much all car names sound like sexy sex sextimes.


10.) The Dodge Scat Pack


This is technically a group of vehicles Dodge started selling back in '68 , including the immortal Dodge Swinger. There was even a Scat Pack Club you could sign up for. Mopar, you kinky bastards.

They brought back the name last year, if you're still into that kind of thing.

Suggested By: TheJWT and 472CID, Photo Credit: Dodge via OldCarBrochures

9.) Honda CRV-EX


A favored car of young families. I wonder why.

Suggested By: therood, Photo Credit: Honda

8.) Lamborghini Countach


The Countach might have looked like it'd give you chlamydia, but the name is kinda nonsense. Unless you live in the particular region where this car was designed. There, in the local Italian dialect, 'countach' is a catcall meaning something along the lines of 'hot cunt!' Legend is that's what one designer said when he first saw what the Countach was going to look like.

Suggested By: Buzz Killington, Photo Credit: SV Automobiles/ Francine Ciclet

7.) Mitsubishi Pajero


'Pajero' is Spanish slang for anyone well-acquainted with onanism. Well played, Mitsubishi. Honorable mentions go to the Buick LaCross (Quebecoise for masturbating), the Mazda Laputa (Spanish for hoe bag), and the Renault Koleos (Greek, or Cypriot for vagina). Is this really my job to look all this shit up for you dirty bastards? Y'all are terrible.

Suggested By: Thoushalthoonthyrallyetyres, Photo Credit: Mitsubishi via Old Car Brochures


6.) Honda Fitta


This one was new to me. Honda was going to call the Fit the 'Fitta' until it found out that it means 'cunt' in Swedish and Norwegian. This would've made their ad slogan 'small on the outside, big on the inside' rather unfortunate.

Suggested By: Steve Hopkinson, Photo Credit: Honda

5.) Ram Longhorn Edition


Yes, you can get one with a Cummins.

Suggested By: exeolla, Photo Credit: Ram

4.) Gaylord Gladiator


The brothers James and Ed Gaylord made this thing back in the mid-'50s. It was a simpler, more repressed time.

Suggested By: mikeybart, Photo Credit: Gaylord

3.) Nissan Homy Super Long


When it comes to sounding dirty, it's hard to beat Engrish.

Suggested By: $kaycog, Photo Credit: Nissan

2.) The Lotus-Climax


Hey, some people can only get off in that position.

Suggested By: Jones Foyer, Photo Credit: Getty Images

1.) Isuzu Bighorn Plaisir Long


I... I got nothing. You win Isuzu. You win.

Suggested By: Fi1ngstam, Photo Credit: Goo-Net Exchange

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Top Photo Credit: Honda

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