3.) Ice Cream Van from Hell

Suggested By: beerclinton

Why It's Creepy: Ice cream trucks that are actually vans are already terrifying. There's an additional level of discomfort that comes with buying frozen treats from a dude in the back of an Econoline. But this, this demonic hellspawn is just out of this world. Why anyone would ever consider even approaching it is beyond me. I don't know who that guy is at the very end of the clip, but I do know that he's probably deep in the bowels of hell right now, forced to eat melting ice cream and listen to that song for all eternity. If you're at work, you may want to hold off playing the video: there's some strong language form its cameraman.


Photo credit: Youtube


2.) "Jeepers Creepers" Van

Suggested By: gla2yyz

Why It's Creepy: From this movie we learn a couple of things. Don't ever stop and investigate the business of old, rusty Chevy vans. Don't ever drive through Florida. And finally, don't ever hang out in houses full of cats. I'm never going to sleep soundly at night or look at antique vans the same way ever again.


Photo credit: IMCDB


1.) "Free Candy" Van

Suggested By: Kenny Starr

Why It's Creepy: You know it, you love it, you've seen it on every corner of the internet, it's your favorite creepy van and mine, may I present to you the Free Candy van! Apparently, this internet legend lives in Spokane, Washington and was used for many years as its owner's son's daily driver. Some neighborhood vandals spray painted the van's claim to fame on its side one night, and the rest is history. According to the author of the thread, he's had numerous visits from the neighborhood watch committee, but as of last year has yet to remove the spray paint. I guess we salute him for sticking to his guns, but still want to maintain a safe distance, just in case.


Photo credit: Zoot Patrol