4.) "The Plough" in Hemel Hempstead

Suggested By: rj-pilot

Why it's insane: Six roundabouts for six intersecting roads are going to make an interesting collective super-roundabout, but the fact that not all the roundabouts spin in the same direction just ups the crazy.

3.) The diverging diamond crossover

Suggested By: Josh Dunn

Why it's insane: What's crazy about the diverging diamond interchange is that it's so new and that it actually looks like it works. Built for the first time just two years ago, the diverging diamond eliminates the need for left turns in front of an opposing lane of traffic.


That means you can have traffic flowing much more smoothly much more of the time. This is particularly strange as you have to cross over to drive on the opposite side of the road to make this all work. Read the full article on Wikipedia to get a sense of this infrastructural innovation.


2.) L.A.'s Harry Pregerson Interchange

Suggested By: Shamooononon

Why it's insane: We all know that driving in L.A. is an exercise in madness, and here's just one of the many, many reasons why I choose to avoid that city like the plague.


I'm sure this looked absolutely beautiful when it debuted in 1993 (okay, I don't actually believe that) but today it is just a perfect symbol of the lunatic grandeur of Los Angeles.


Photo Credit: Google Maps

1.) Shibuya, Tokyo

Suggested By: LanciaZeroFTW

Why it's insane: The masses of vehicles and people, all crammed together into one brilliantly mad mess. It is what defines a crazy intersection, and it defines the Shibuya crossing.


It is certainly one of the densest driving locations in the world, perhaps the densest, and it's all punctuated by the beautiful choreography of all-way pedestrian traffic.