Two minutes after the airplane was invented, people started doing stunts like this. And Johnny was the best.


Suggested By: $kaycog

9.) Lowriders

That's crazy enough as it is, but how about doing the same above water with the landing gear released?


Suggested By: macanamera

8.) Loops and Rolls in a Sikorsky CH-53

The 53A's rotor system dynamics got the approval.

Suggested By:burglar can't heart click anything

7.) Cold War Cessna

Landing a Cessna in the middle of Moscow as a 19-years-old West German in 1987 is not something your legal representative would recommend.


Suggested By: For Sweden

6.) The Christmas Tree Man

T.C. and the Island Hoppers had nothing on this guy!

Suggested By: SalsaShark

5.) The Hover

Sean D. Tucker can make a biplane act like a helicopter. That's one of the reasons why he is considered to be the best of the best.


Suggested By: RyanRask

4.) Pugachev's Cobra

Named after the Soviet Sukhoi test pilot Viktor Pugachev, the Cobra can be performed with high-alpha and thrust vectoring aircraft. It's very impressive until someone fucks it up.


Suggested By:evoCS

3.) The Missing Propeller

If there's one thing you don't want to see while performing flat spins, it's your propeller detaching from your plane.


Suggested By: JayhawkJake, Dankey Kang owner

2.) Tex Johnson Rolls It To Sell Airplanes

The Boeing 707 wasn't designed to do stunts, but Tex Johnson did a barrel roll with it on its maiden flight anyway to impress customers. A legend in his spare time.


Suggested By: czechmonsterdeux

1.) Anything Bob Hoover Has Ever Done

Including getting a straw hat and pouring ice tea. He is 92-years-old, but still cooler than you.


Suggested By: Will Alibrandi aka Turbineguy

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