Manufacturing videos are great at giving us a window into the often-mysterious process of how cars are made. These ten in particular are the most fascinating.


10.) Gran Turismo Shows You How Iron Becomes A Car

GT5's intro beautifully captures the whole process of a car being made, from iron ore mining to finished product. Not many of these videos take such a broad look at how a car is built, so props to them for detailing it so gorgeously.


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9.) National Geographic Megafactories: Veyron

The Veyron has proven to be one of the most divisive cars of its time, but regardless of what you think of the million-dollar machine, you have to appreciate the insane level of engineering that went into making it.


This 44-minute documentary from National Geographic is every car geek's wet dream.

Suggested By: Jarod Rose

8.) Making A Porsche 356 By Hand

I really hate the phrase "they don't make them like they used to," but it really does apply here.


The attention to detail Porsche put into making the 356 is staggering, and it offers a great explanation for why Porsche nearly went bankrupt until they changed their manufacturing process.

Suggested By: HiramJahoovafatJr

7.) Mercedes-AMG One Man Engine Build

AMG makes the sort of engines that inspire deep lust, and each one is made by just one person. Maybe that's a gimmick, but watching the process from start to finish is truly mesmerizing.


Suggested By: Shant Meguerdichian

6.) Lancia Rally Car Production Set To Absurd '80s Music

There's no narration in this video detailing how a Works Lancia Delta Integrale rally car is made, but the over-the-top music will more than make up for that. Plus, there's some excellent rally porn for the last 20 minutes, so find some time to watch the whole thing.


(Note: It seems like in some countries this video is blocked, so click this if you're having trouble viewing)

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5.) How Ford Can Make A Prototype Incredibly Quickly

It used to take nearly two months to have a prototype sheet metal part made, but Ford came up with a way to trim that process down to just a couple hours. It's called Ford Freeform Fabrication Technology (F3T) for short, and it's fascinating.


F3T has fascinating implications for both prototyping and for low volume production, so lets hope Ford puts it to good use for future performance cars.

Suggested By: WarShrike

4.) How Wood Is Bent Into A Morgan Frame

The extremely British chaps at Morgan make cars the old fashioned way. Actually, old fashioned might be a bit of an understatement. I mean, they make the frames out of wood. Wood!


This tour, guided by none other than Charles Morgan himself, details the whole process of making some of the coolest cars on the planet. It's refreshing to see cars made this way today, in stark contrast to the thoroughly modern factories of other manufactures.

Suggested By: My X-type is too a real Jaguar

3.) Volkswagen's Deeply German Glass Factory

Volkswagen went all out to make the Phaeton, and the factory is no exception. It's an all-glass building in the heart of Dresden, with wood floors, magnetically-guided robotic sleds that deliver parts to the workers.


To mitigate traffic in Dresden, they even devised a system where parts were delivered to the factory by trams that share tracks with the city's transit system.

Suggested By: Glyphic

2.) Lexus LFA Carbon Fiber Loom

Lexus is best when they over-engineer the crap out of their cars, and arguably none are more over-engineered than the incredible LFA.


Lexus wasn't happy with the original, aluminum LFA prototypes, so they decided to make it out of carbon fiber. But then they decided that regular carbon fiber just wasn't light and strong enough, so they built a loom to make their own, which this video details. So rad.

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane

1.) How Koenigsegg Turns Carbon Fiber Into Wheels

Christian Von Koenigsegg is wonderful at explaining the extraordinary tech that goes into the cars that bear his name, and this video showing how 280 MPH capable carbon fiber wheels is especially great.


Be sure to check out the whole /INSIDE KOENIGSEGG series from our friends at /DRIVE for some serious engineering porn.

Suggested By: Chris_K_F

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Top Photo Credit: Lexus via YouTube

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