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The Ten Coolest Parking Garages Ever Built

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

A parking garage doesn't need to be complex or beautiful, which makes it all the better when they are. These are the ten coolest in the world.

10.) Umihotaru


Umihotaru, which translates to "sea firefly" is a man made island that serves as a rest stop for the underwater Tokyo Bay Aqua Line. Check out Speedhunters for more photos of this gorgeous floating parking lot.

Suggested By: Chris_K_F, Photo Credit: midorisyu

9.) Kant-Garagen


This garage built in 1929 in Berlin doesn't look like much, but it's the oldest parking garage in Europe and the only inter-war garage that still stands! This Bauhaus design is so cool, it was registered as a historical monument.

Suggested By: I love you but I've chosen hooning!, Photo Credit: Prof. Pierre Aronnax

8.) TreviPark


You see that Fiat there parked on that small space? It's about to be lowered to an automated underground car park in Turin that can hold up to 84 cars. That's clever.

Suggested By: bobmarley101, Photo Credit: Trevi

7.) Marina City


How many other parking garages are cultural icons? Chicago's two waterfront towers were featured prominently on the cover of Wilco's Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and in countless movies.

Suggested By: Vintage1982Benz, Photo Credit: Neal Jennings

6.) Kansas City Library


Simple idea, brilliant execution. Check out the Library's site for information on all the books featured.

Suggested By: melbatoast, Photo Credit: Jonathan Moreau

5.) Michigan Theatre


Once a beautiful and opulent theatre built in 1926, this Detroit icon is now the world's most haunting parking garage.

Suggested By: HiMyNameIsJayAgain, Photo Credit: Lei Ma

4.) Santa Monica Civic Center


Santa Monica has a bevy of gorgeous parking structures but this one is the best with its beautiful LED illumination. It's brilliant in that it adds parking but doesn't uglify the neighborhood.

Suggested By: Lumpy44, Photo Credit: Andrew Boscardin

3.) RoboVault


There's a lot of great automated parking structures, but Fort Lauderdale's RoboVault has technicians to check the vitals of your car for you.

Suggested By: ki-ki-ki-kia, Photo Credit: RoboVault

2.) Parc Des CĂ©lestins


This large parking tower in Lyon features a hollowed out center with a slowly rotating mirror that reflects the sunlight. Why? Why not!

Suggested By: Duck, Photo Credit: Graham Miln via YouTube

1.) VW Autostadt Towers


The two glass towers at VW's Autostadt in Wolfsburg hold all the VWs that are waiting to be delivered. The mechanical platform brings the cars down to the ground level to their new owners. Stunning.

Suggested By: Stephen MacArthur, Photo Credit: VW

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Top Photo Credit: VW