What if we had a clean slate, a whole new beginning? Here’s what you would pick to start the automotive world anew.

10.) Toyota Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruisers have almost always been purely about going anywhere and surviving anything, all without leaving the driver in fear of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere. Wouldn’t that kind of piece of mind be something you’d like your post-apocalypse car to offer? Who knows what vicious creatures remain out there!

Suggested By: TheHondaBro, Photo Credit: Dennis Elzinga via Flickr

9.) Volvo Concept Estate


If we’re repopulating the car world, there’s a good chance that we’re going to have to repopulate the human world as well. What better way to do this than in the back of Volvo’s Shooting Brake concept transport the post-apocalypse youth than in the comfort and safety of trusted Swedish engineering?

Suggested By: As Du Volant, Photo Credit: Volvo via Jalopnik

8.) Mercedes-Benz Unimog


How many cars are there that can be set up for as many crazy applications as the Unimog? It can do almost anything, except for maybe fly. If we’re only allowed 10 cars to keep through the apocalypse, might as well have one that can do everything but drive fast.

Suggested By: The-Guy-They-Warned-You-About, Photo Credit: GoMinU Unimog via Flickr

7.) Renault Twizy


Though maybe not the most exciting of the bunch, the Twizy would make good as an easy to use, zero emission, futuristic city car. I’ll be damned if the streets of the cities of tomorrow are still populated with bloated Crown Vics, Camrys and the sorts.

Suggested By: Vin, Photo Credit: Renault

6.) Porsche Cayman GT4


If an apocalypse came closing in, you can be damn sure that a Cayman GT4 would be one of the few rides that would make it through the hellfire with me. The growls the car makes, the perfectly weighted clutch and the brilliant notchy shift-feel are all things that add up to this car being almost completely perfect. Not to mention the pure Porsche ethos that this car exhumes, something that a post-apocalypse generation of cars could all probably use.

Suggested By: Tim Burton, Photo Credit: Edvvc via Flickr

5.) Tractor Trailer


As infrastructure slowly rebuilds and highways are restructured, how else are we going to get product from Point A to Point B?

Hopefully it won’t take up all the room in the bunker.

Suggested By: burglar can’t heart click anything, Photo Credit: Barry Lewis via Flickr


4.) Stryker Armored Personel Carrier


You know, for when that Land Cruiser just won’t do it.

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: Jarek Tuszynski via Wikipedia

3.) Toyota 2000GT


Sharing similar body lines that are shared with some of the most beautiful road cars of today and of the past, the 2000 GT can’t be left for dead. I won’t allow it.

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: RM Auctions via Jalopnik

2.) Koenigsegg One:1


We couldn’t forget the car that basically represents the pinnacle of today’s extreme road-car technology, now could we?

Suggested By: J-Tenno, Photo Credit: GF Williams for Jalopnik

1.) Tesla Model S P90D


Safe enough that it could probably be used as the apocalypse bunker. Roomy, comfortable, easy to use and of course ludicrously fast. Let’s just hope that the post-apocalypse world still has electricity left over. The ultimate Model S will lead us into a good future.

Suggested By: MUSASHI66, Photo Credit: Damon Lavrinc/Jalopnik (P85D shown)

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