Carmakers keep flooding us with more and more cars every year. It’s no wonder we forget about a few along the way.

10.) Chevy SS

You should know by now that this whole Chevy SS thing is just a global conspiracy set up by GM with the help of the international press. The car itself is just a vision projected by your mind, especially with a manual.

Suggested By: Margin of Error, Photo Credit: Chevy

9.) Acura ZDX


The Japanese looked at the American car market, and concluded that the ZDX will be it. The one. A big thumbs up.

Acura went on selling about eleven each year before throwing in the towel.

Suggested By: POD, Photo Credit: Acura

8.) Toyota Prius


Yes, this was the Prius for six years before the car became known as the Prius in 2003. Nobody remembers this little first-generation sedan.

Suggested By: StalePhish, Photo Credit: Toyota

7.) Geo Storm Hatchback


Isuzu built millions of Geo Storms for GM, and while the hatchback was only available from the second year of production, it remained in the shadows for all eternity.

Suggested By: Chairman Kaga, Photo Credit: GM

6.) Subaru SVX


The SVX was one of Subaru’s finest moments, but it wasn’t a sales success. As these already rare cars continue to die off the roads, our memories followed.

Suggested By: Where have all the lightweights gone, Photo Credit: Subaru

5.) Mitsubishi i-MiEV


It was Mitsubishi, makers of nothing building an electric car. They never gave us a reason for remembering these.

Suggested By: DennyCrane, Photo Credit: Mitsubishi

4.) Peugeot 3008


Nobody outside of Europe should remember these anyway, but trust me, we also do our best to forget everything PSA has done in the first decade of the 21st century.

Suggested By: J-Tenno, Photo Credit: Peugeot

3.) Suzuki Kizashi


Fun fact: It was a good car despite hitting the market at the worst time. Those who bought one will remember. For the rest, this is a blank.

Suggested By: Monsterajr, Photo Credit: Suzuki

2.) Lincoln Mark LT


Apparently, Mexicans loved these, but nobody else. It was one hell of a very expensive F-150 indeed.

Suggested By: Kyree S. Williams, Photo Credit: Lincoln

1.) Chrysler Aspen Hybrid


An eight-passenger full-sized SUV with a Hemi V8 linked to a hybrid system. Only problem with this disguised Dodge Durango was that the Moon happened to be lighter.

Suggested By: I drive an Auto, Photo Credit: Chrysler

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