A poorly crafted and unfitting automotive model name can ruin a consumer’s perception of a new car, before even getting behind the wheel.

10.) Chevrolet Celebrity

The Chevrolet Celebrity couldn’t be less relatable to its name. Commenter DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane describes it quite delightfully:

“It’s a completely bland, anonymous hunk of malaise. So of course they name it the exact opposite, because “worthless piece of shit” probably wouldn’t move as many units.”

Suggested By: DennyCraneDennyCraneDennyCrane, Photo Credit: dave_7 via Flickr

9.) Geely Beauty Leopard


If the Beauty Leopard is to be considered beautiful, then what truly is beauty? Where does Geely come up with this stuff? The only thought of leopards that comes to mind when looking at this car is the thought of me wishing a Leopard would come and claw my eyes out.

Suggested By: Jdrentarol, Photo Credit: Geely via PakWheels.com

8.) Nissan Rogue


Though the current generation isn’t by any means a bad car, going rogue seems to be the very last thing this crossover would want to do.

Suggested By: WhiteTrashSteve, Photo Credit: Nissan

7.) Chevrolet Spark (non-EV)


Sure, General Motors markets a full electric version of the Spark, but whose idea was it to name both models the same thing? Can we call the petrol version the Chevrolet Flame? Maybe Chevrolet Explosion? Or how about Chevrolet Inferno.

Suggested By: ezeolla, Photo Credit: Chevrolet

6.) Dodge Avenger


As ghost650 put it, the only thing the Avenger is avenging is its old, boring, dead uncle; the Dodge Stratus.

Suggested By: SlabSheetrock, Photo Credit: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles

5.) Mitsubishi Evolution X


The Evo has not had a major refresh in eight years. As its life as a production vehicle comes to a close, it has done anything but evolve.

Suggested By: XYCromersome, Photo Credit: Mitsubishi

4.) Pontiac Bonneville


Only speed record the Bonneville may have set was the record for how fast it could put its occupants to sleep.

Suggested By: ReverendDexter, Photo Credit: Pontiac via Net Car Show

3.) BMW 4/6 Series Gran Coupé


BMW’s current naming scheme is all kinds of messed up and it doesn’t stop with the Gran Coupes. The 6 Series GC could easily replace the 5 Series in the lineup and same with the 4 Series and the 3 Series, but because of the more aggressive roof contours, BMW has dubbed these models Gran Coupe. The confusion is endless.

Suggested By: Quattro-luvr, Photo Credit: BMW

2.) Cars With False Engine Designations


Both Audi and Mercedes-Benz have been known to sometimes display a certain set of letters and numerals on the exterior of their cars designating the power plant for that model, but actually have something totally different going on under the hood.

I get that it’s all in the name of “brand legacy” and continuity, but who really cares?

Suggested By: LVP0en, Photo Credit: Jalopnik

1.) Ford Edge


A crossover round as an egg, with no edge whatsoever.

Suggested By: cazzyodo, Photo Credit: Ford


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Top Photo Credit: Ford