The right car is like the right clothing: it accentuates, it enhances, it signifies attractiveness. Certain cars just naturally seem to be associated with very good-looking owners. These are Jalopnik readers' picks for the ten cars most likely to be driven by someone seriously attractive.

Welcome back to Answers of the Day — our daily Jalopnik feature where we take the best ten responses from the previous day's Question of the Day and shine it up to show off. It's by you and for you, the Jalopnik readers. Enjoy!

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10.) Maserati Gran Turismo

Suggested By: Jackie

Why it moves the beautiful people: Maserati is retaking its place as the official cars of the high-class set with a vengeance. The Gran Turismo in particular is rolling Italian clothing for the upscale and attractive, matching an owner's good looks and panache with its own patrician brio. If you need to lean on the badge, get a California; if you want to complement your innate attractiveness, this is for you.


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9.) Mini Cooper

Suggested By: StewMM

Why it moves the beautiful people: There were apparently two parts to the design brief for the neo-Mini: first, build a sophisticated economy car, and second, make it as stylish as hell. Success on both counts. A Mini on the street is too often driven by an adorably sweet-hot woman for it to be a coincidence; this is for someone who knows just how well the car's cheerful but well-finished looks match the rest of her well-considered appearance.


Photo Credit: Señor Hans

8.) Ferrari 308

Suggested By: 472CID

Why it moves the beautiful people: Back in the Eighties it was Tom Selleck and Christine Brinkley, so we're well-grounded here. Today it's people who appreciate that it's one of the most beautiful cars ever made and is settling into a certain enlightened-playboy grace. Not a showmobile or ego statement like a modern Ferrari, but a great match for a person who understands what looks good — including, likely, that person.


Full disclosure: A good 308 is on your author's perennial short list. He hopes he can live up to the standard.

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7.) Vintage pickup

Suggested By: doug-g

Why it moves the beautiful people: This is probably the most gender-specific choice on this list. Men of all kinds — normal, attractive, fat, awkward, disturbing — drive pickups. A woman driving a pickup, especially a well-kept vintage truck, is another thing entirely; the likely physical attractiveness of a pickup girl is a statistical marvel. Seriously cute girls in old pickups may be a country cliché, but that doesn't mean it's not common enough to be real.


Photo Credit: Camila Belmar

6.) Mercedes W113

Suggested By: Defender90

Why it moves the beautiful people: This is a car for people who know how to live well and possess enough dignity and self-confidence to not need to make a flashy statement. The pagoda SL is both a perfect definition of vintage charm and a car that leaves nothing to be desired today, and as such is a natural match for the genteel, gracious, devastatingly attractive set.


Photo Credit: RUD66

5.) Range Rovers

Suggested By: M4rkyM4rk

Why it moves the beautiful people: Behold the preferred ride of the American trophy wife, as aesthetically refined a species as can be found on this planet. You figure if someone is selected almost exclusively based on looks that has to mean something, and the rest follows from there. Upscale shopping malls and gym parking lots almost double as Range Rover dealer annexes, as their drivers put up the good struggle to stay as hot as possible.


Photo Credit: Land Rover

4.) Piaggio Vespa

Suggested By: JackTrade

Why it moves the beautiful people: As much as anything, the Vespa was designed for good-looking well-dressed people; the intention was to keep grease and grime from getting on well-tailored trousers and sundresses. Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn took it to another level entirely, and the Vespa remains the official urban ride of dashing and vivacious cafe-and-boutique types.


Photo Credit: Vespa via Twirl Vintage Co.

3.) BMW M3

Suggested By: warsofwords

Why it moves the beautiful people: Go ahead and pull out the D-word; it doesn't affect the fact that M3s are the ride of choice for guys (and some really hot girls) who take their looks seriously, usually to a profoundly successful degree. The M3 is like a good stainless-steel watch: matches well with practically any situation, implies a certain athletic sensibility, is both upscale and a touch restrained. It's cool on top of intensity, much like its owner likely is as well.


Photo Credit: Bekir Topuz

2.) Audi S5

Suggested By: GasGuzzler

Why it moves the beautiful people: Audi has done a masterful job over the past two decades of taking the aesthetic high road, crafting refined and stylish cars that have been taken to heart by refined and stylish customers. The sleek, powerful, supremely capable S5 has an uncanny tendency to be driven by sleek, attractive, supremely fashionable folks who understand (and exemplify) both looks and function.


Photo Credit: Audi

1.) Volkswagen Jetta

Suggested By: bearslayer

Why it moves the beautiful people: The very successful successor to the Cabrio. The mainstay of preppy colleges and trendy neighborhoods. Statistically proven by a guy holding a banana leaf. A cultural signifier with very few equals in the automotive world. If you see a Jetta, especially the chic Mark 4, it will almost always be driven by a supremely cute girl. This is our reality, and in that it is wonderful.


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