The Ten Cars Most Often Mistaken For Other Cars

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Is that an Aston Martin over there? Oh wait, it's just a $22k Ford Fusion.

10.) Land Rover - Land Cruiser - Old Jeep

Car guys know the difference between these three but to the many they're all just old Jeeps.


Suggested By: Blane Alexander Schwindt, Photo Credit: Pedro Riberio Simões/Thomas's Pics

9.) Chrysler 300 - Bentley


There's just something about the Chrysler 300 that just screams "Bentley." Well, until a Bentley pulls up.

Suggested By: jnecr, Photo Credit: Chrysler/Bentley

8.) Kia Amanti - Jaguar S-Type


Ah, it's easy to love the Kia Amanti and its rip off looks from the Jaguar S-Type (and the Mercedes E-Class). Kia has come a long way.

Suggested By: HammerheadFistpunch, Photo Credit: Kia/Jaguar

7.) Aston Martin V8 - '68 Mustang


Ford gets some flak for ripping off Aston Martin for their new design language, but it seems like the British marque did it first with their '70s V8.

Suggested By: Brian, The Life of, Photo Credit: Aston Martin/Ford

6.) Nissan 200SX (S12) - Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86)


These two are so similar you'd think they were badge engineered, but they're not.

Suggested By: Bryce Womeldurf, Photo Credit: Nissan/Toyota

5.) Lotus Elise - "Is That A Ferrari?"


Around Jalopnik Lotus is a sacred name with "simplify, then add lightness" being quoted like it's the Gospel. To the rest of the world Lotus means nothing and the Elise is just a tiny Ferrari.

Suggested By: alsoSprachAISO, Photo Credit: Lotus

4.) Volkswagen Phaeton - Volkswagen Passat


Of course you'd expect two cars made by the same manufacturer to look similar, but that the $60k Phaeton looked so similar to a $20k Passat was its undoing in America.

Suggested By: ciscokidinsf, Photo Credit: Volkswagen

3.) Ford Fusion - Aston Martin


Ford shocked the world when they put an Aston Martin grille on their Fusion. Parked next to each other the differences are obvious, but I think all of us have seen a Fusion and thought Rapide.

Suggested By: graham, Photo Credit: Ford/Aston Martin

2.) All New Audis


Audi's current lineup looks almost entirely indistinguishable– especially the sedans. Corporate design language is one thing, but there's a problem when from a distance, it's impossible to distinguish a $30k A3 from an $80k A8.

Suggested By: kaheff (stays LY7C), Photo Credit: Audi

1.) 1920s/1930s American Cars


As reader Jeremy Overholster points out, for people who grew up in that era the cars are very easily distinguished but for most everyone younger, they're all just the same.

Can you tell one car from another in this picture?

Suggested By: Jeremy Overholster, Photo Credit: Collier's Weekly/GM

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Top Photo Credit: Matt Hardigree/Jalopnik