There are the kinds of drivers who make a u-turn on the highway and cut off half a dozen lanes of traffic to get to an exit. Jalopnik readers know what cars they're probably going to drive.

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Every area has its own different terrible drivers, but we think we have a good national overview.

Are there other brands that draw the worst drivers that we forgot? Let us know in Kinja below.


Photo Credit: Top Gear

10.) Prius

Reader kmccauley puts the Prius problem pretty well. They're hardly even driving. it just seems like they're barely aware that they are operating a motor vehicle. And if they do have an awareness that they're driving, it's their 5th or 6th priority at that moment.


Suggested By: kmccauley


9.) Minivans

No single brand sticks out, but you want to give these things some space on the highway. Reader b33g33 breaks it all down.

Minivans. There is no question that these are the most poorly driven vehicles on American roads and here are some reasons:

1. Distracted mom or dad trying to dodge cheerios, toys, urine, feces etc while also merging into the next lane.

2. Distracted mom or dad visiting the strange lands beyond the suburbs where the natives do strange things like walking on sidewalks, parking in parallel behind each other and signaling when turning.

3. Macho-man suburban dude secretly ashamed of driving mom-mobile and attempting to regain his man-card and testicles by racing every single vehicle on or off the road because his Honda/Toyota/Chevy has 250 HP! (Hey, toolbox, it also weighs 5000lbs without your fatass and no, I don't care if you beat me to the next light)

4. 'roidal teenage kid (almost always boy - because 'nads) with family minivan doing what he's seen his dad do since he was 5 (see point 3 above)

5. They are big, unwieldy and full of screaming kids. Who the hell can drive well when those things come together.


Suggested By: b33g33, Photo Credit: carloscappaticci

8.) Ram Pickups

Ram has been getting high scores (not a good thing) in the IIHS review of property damage claims since long before they stopped being Dodges.


Suggested By: Zekestone, Photo Credit: Ray Lievens


7.) Nissan Murano

Our readers just call them "Moronos" at this point.

Suggested By: Bubs, Photo Credit: Nissan


6.) Volvo

There are plenty of good, clean Volvo drivers, but then there's the whole crowd that buys them because they've already had one accident and now they feel they need a safe car to protect them in their next crash.


Suggested By: west-coaster, Photo Credit: Jack Amick


5.) BMW

Despite Audi making a strong push to be the Most Bought By Douches Automobile, BMW still has more clueless, overly aggressive, and surprisingly distracted drivers. Watch out for weaving E92 coupes.

Suggested By: ridered777, Photo Credit: Jalopnik


4.) Subaru WRX/STI

There are mature WRX owners out there, but some Subaru enthusiasts can't help themselves from driving like dicks. This leads to the more-than-occasional high speed traffic dissection.


Suggested By: Zergonn, Photo Credit: Santa Fe Police


3.) Ferrari

Maybe it's because Ferraris are the first supercars rich people buy and they just don't know how to handle the power. Maybe it's because Ferraris attract a particularly 'boy racer' kind of young buyer. Either way, we're getting pretty used to seeing 458s crashed into a wall. Also, there's this guy who ran over a cop's foot.


Suggested By: Automatch, Photo Credit: AP


2.) Mercedes G-Wagen

Either it's four-foot-nine ladies who can barely see over the steering wheel mashing the gas in a G55, or it's some bro who weaves through the lanes and blinds other drivers with his chrome 22s.

Suggested By: BULArmy, Photo Credit: TS Multimedia


1.) Lexus RX

The Lexus RX seems to grab all the worst drivers it can, who our readers seem to find both distracted and aggressive, as GasGuzzler describes.


These are my own personal nemesis. Whenever there's an awkward gap in traffic, someone tying up the left lane, going 10 under the flow of traffic - 9/10 it's an RX driver, usually female, talking on the phone (bluetooth, yeah) with a two hand death grip on the wheel like it's their first time on an interstate. And let's not even get into the pathetic-ness that is the RX, especially the hybrid version. When 4-5 grown adults can max out the GVWR you have a problem.

Suggested By: GasGuzzler, Photo Credit: Nils Geylen